Second Wave of Ice Storm Approaching

Good Thursday Morning WABBLES! The Ice Storm we have long been talking about is finally underway. The second wave of said Ice Storm is set to move through the area shortly. Let’s take a look at what to expect today and with the coming days!

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Live Look Across WABBLES This Morning (Giphy)


The impacts from the ice storm are already being felt across the area with practically everything covered in ice, including roads, and a few downed trees. The next coming wave will only exacerbate these conditions. If you have to travel this morning, please be very careful.

It is below freezing for much of the state and these temperatures will continue to stay around this level, so expect of high of around 30°.

Western KY Temperatures (KY Mesonet)

As far as precipitation goes today, well, you already know what to expect, lots of freezing rain that will slowly start to taper off throughout the afternoon. There has even been some thunder reported amongst the freezing rain.

Current Look at Radar (RadarScope)

Overall projected Ice totals for this storm still look to be around the .25″-.50″. I again ask you all to be very careful throughout the next few days until road conditions can improve.


We could see some relief from the ice as soon as tomorrow with a high of 36°, however, temperatures will drop again overnight which carries a strong chance for refreezing.

Projected Temps in the Afternoon (Pivotal Weather)

You should also expect cloudy skies across the area for the day, but with no chances of serious precipitation, finally.

Cloud Cover Tomorrow (Pivotal Weather)

This Weekend

This weekend should be pretty quiet for WABBLES, but also very cold with highs not getting out of the mid – upper 20s. On top of that, you can also expect to see mostly cloudy to overcast skies for most if not all of the weekend.

Projected Temps This Weekend

Next Week

Just briefly looking at the beginning of next week, we have the possibility for another wintry weather maker. It is of course much too far out to iron out the fine details, however, a system has been consistently showing up. We will be updating you on this with further blog posts, so stay tuned.

That is all for today, folks! I hope everyone has a great and safe day today. Please don’t be out unless you have to, instead, stay warm inside and spend some time with the family. I encourage you all to look us up on social media, @wxornotBG, for further updates.