Trough Brings Mixed Precipitation to WABBLES

Good morning to you! Today, we will see the return of active weather for the WABBLES community. The break from it was too short, wasn’t it? Fortunately, this will be the last wet day of the work week!

Is it Thursday yet? (GIPHY)

Disturbance Impacts Us Mid-Day

Today, our forecast will be influenced by a trough, or elongated area of low pressure extending off a system, originating from the south. From it, we will have an increase in cloud cover and chances for precipitation. Remember, this is the last of the gloom for the work week!

Predicted surface map for today at noon (Weather Prediction Center)

Any chances of rain or snow look to start after noon and only last to the evening. As of now, anticipated precipitation totals for the WABBLES community are at 0.2 inches. We will keep you updated on Twitter on if this changes.

However, keep in mind that this system is expected to pass through during rush hour. We encourage for you to drive slow when on the roads if you get caught in a patch of precipitation. Our main concern is with slick roads.

Projected precipitation type for today from 1-6pm (High Resolution Rapid Refresh)

If you’re up early, temperatures will be in the lower 30’s, and look to only reach the upper 30’s by the afternoon. Overnight, temperatures will plummet further into the upper 20’s. Make sure you stay bundled up today!

Sunshine in Our Future

Overnight, the cloud cover from that pesky trough will begin to lessen. For the rest of the work week, there will be sunshine across the board. Therefore, we will have another short break from any sort of wet weather.

Projected cloud cover for the rest of the work week (North American Mesoscale Model)

In short, tomorrow’s temperatures will be similar to those of today. However, Friday will be warmer, with a high in the mid-40’s. Although this is still rather cool, we hope that you can soak up some sun while you can!

That’s all we have for you today! Thank you for reading! For more, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram at @wxornotBG!