Quiet Day leads to Active Start to the Week

Happy weekend everyone around WABBLES! What may seem like a quiet and sunny day certainly won’t stick around for long and will give way to a very wet start to the week. We will take a look at that in this blog post to see what good ol’ Mother Nature has in store for us.

City Bus Rain GIF by Connect Transit


Waking up this morning you can expect to see some sunny or mostly sunny skies with some cold temps in the lower 30s. Temps will gradually warm up today into the mid 40s across the area. Wind gusts throughout the day could get upwards into the teens and then increasing slightly into the overnight.

Projected wind gusts at noon (Pivotal Weather)

Clouds will eventually return in the evening into the overnight leading to the first bit of rain for the next few days.


Waking up Sunday morning expect to see some pretty widespread rain across WABBLES with temps in the upper 30s. This will be the less significant round of rain compared to what is coming Monday.

9AM Sunday Morning (Pivotal Weather)

While temps will be pretty chilly in the morning, that will gradually improve throughout the day while a warm front starts to move towards the Ohio Valley. You can expect highs in the upper 40’s for Sunday and temps really won’t get much colder throughout the night thanks to that warm front advecting towards us. Winds could get mildly gusty in the morning but will stay pretty calm throughout the day.

NWS Temperature blend 6AM Sunday into Monday Night (Pivotal Weather)


Starting early Monday morning, the more significant weather maker will be starting to move towards WABBLES. This will be a nice snow maker for many in the northern Ohio Valley, but for us here in Kentucky, rain, rain, and more rain is all we will be seeing (and maybe some thunderstorms).

Future Radar 6AM Monday (Pivotal Weather)

in terms of temps and highs for Monday, we can see a pretty nice warmup to nearly 60, but too bad it will be raining. If it weren’t raining, it would likely be a pretty nice day outside.

One very important aspect of this system is that it does bring the potential for some thunderstorms, the Weather Prediction Center has an area of Kentucky highlighted for this threat on Monday. Severe weather is not expected with this system, just some rumbles of thunder throughout the rain.

A hatched Area for Thunderstorm Potential (Pivotal Weather)

The 500mb jet and low level jet will be pretty strong at the time so there could be some gusty winds. These winds would likely be the only aspect of this system that brings with it some potential to reach “severe” status. But again, this is not widely expected.

Low Level Winds at Noon Monday (Pivotal Weather)

In terms of total rainfall, widespread 1-2 inches plus is certainly on the table.

NWS Model Blend of Total Rainfall (Pivotal Weather)

That is it for this blog post! I hope everyone has a great weekend and finds some way to enjoy the rain. I encourage everyone to go and look at our social media accounts, @wxornotBG on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.