One More Day of Snow Showers

Top of the morning to you! How stunning was the dusting of snowfall we received? If you didn’t get the chance to see any flurries in person, check out the video below!

More Snowfall on the Way

Today, in short, will be similar to how we started out our weekend. The low pressure system that is dominating the Midwest is to blame. From this, we will have a rather active day with a slight chance for snow up until the evening.

Forecasted surface map for today at noon (Weather Prediction Center)

This will be another day of minor snowfall accumulations, amounting to values of less than 0.1″. However, as always, we encourage for you to be cautious when on the roads, as they may be slick if surface temperatures fall below freezing.

As of now, the concern of hazardous conditions for travel will be most relevant in the early hours of the morning. More specifically, from 3 to 7 AM. Fortunately, it is the weekend, so not as many should be on the roads at that time. If you plan to be, please be careful.

Projected temperatures for today from 3-7am (Pivotal Weather)

Furthermore, we have another gloomy day in store for us. That lively breeze from yesterday plans to stick around, too. We may see gusts reach up to 20 miles per hour in the afternoon.

Quiet Conditions Return

On Martin Luther King Jr. Day, the gloomy trend from the weekend will be no more, leaving us with partly sunny skies to start out the week. However, temperatures for tomorrow will be similar to those of today, so it will still be a chilly one. Make sure you layer up!

Fortunately, like the weather, the winds will quiet down as well. No more gusts in the double digits. At most, we will have a light breeze under 10 miles per hour.

Projected surface winds for tomorrow from 12-5pm (Pivotal Weather)

That’s all for today, everyone! Have a great rest of your weekend, and enjoy the holiday! For more, follow us at @wxornotBG on other social media platforms!