Wintry Pattern Continues Through the Weekend

Good morning, everyone! Yesterday evening and overnight, a large winter system began to move through region bringing a bit of everyone’s favorite part of winter, snow! As this system is large, the wintry pattern continues through the weekend.

Saturday Breakdown

As you wake up this morning, you’ll notice that we do indeed have a nice coating of snow on the ground! If you travel, make sure to exercise caution. The sky is currently giving off those gray, winter vibes so let’s breakdown if that can be indicative of what else is to come today.

A look at the condition of a neighborhood road this morning.

Throughout the rest of the morning, folks could see a light scattered snow shower but don’t expect much in the way of accumulation. By noon, the chance for snow basically dwindles but the clouds do not dwindle with it. Mostly cloudy. conditions will dominate for most of the day.

It’ll be breezy as the system continues to advance with gusts out of the west in the mid 20’s. The high today will struggle to reach 40 degrees, making temperatures feel like below freezing for most of the day.

Over the next 24 hours, models predict the max wind gust to be 23 mph. (Pivotal Weather)
Wind chill makes it feel like temperatures barely reach freezing today. (Pivotal Weather)

Overnight, the low will drop to 31 degrees. A few light, scattered snow showers will move through, but will be very little in the way of accumulation. I’m thinking what falls overnight will be anywhere from a trace to a quarter of an inch.

Sunday Details

On Sunday, this system is STILL here. Not only is it still here, but it actually picks up a bit of energy today as it prepares to move out. When I say energy, I mean we will see more frequent snow showers moving across the area.

However, with the high temperature being about 40 degrees once again, some or most of this snow could fall as rain. If the precipitation does fall as snow, expect less than half an inch.

A Snowfall model predicts the WABBLES region getting around 0.6 inches of snow in total from this system. (Pivotal Weather)

Sunday night yields a similar forecast as Sunday during the day before this system finally moves out. MLK day brings calm weather with partly sunny skies to start the week.

That’s all for today. Thanks for reading and be sure to follow our live weather feed on Twitter and also on Facebook, @wxornotBG. Have a great weekend!