Quiet Weather for the Near Future

A calm start to the weekend after active weather was here to end the work week. Good morning, Kentucky! A quick blog today as we track nice conditions for the near future!

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Not a bad forecast this will be! (Giphy)


Current temperatures are sitting in the low 30s to start off this Saturday. Winds are about 5-10mph right now so we do have wind chills in the mid 20s.

Looking at the night time satellite, we see the yellow on the map this is over a majority of the Ohio Valley. These are low level clouds at about 2500 feet and will struggle to break up throughout the day.

Low-level clouds stick around today. (Giphy)

Temperatures top out near 36 degrees this afternoon as the clouds do not budge. Winds still at 5-10mph will make it feel even a bit colder. Just dreary winter day overall with dry conditions expected.

Temperatures do dip back down into the low-20s overnight. We are not expecting much clearing so temperatures should not dip into the teens. Although, those who do experience some clearing skies may be a bit colder especially in the valleys.


Clouds will try to break as we head into Sunday but it is going to be a tough forecast. We will likely see clouds break up across Eastern Kentucky.

Still some questions on how much clearing takes place across Central and Western Kentucky.

Cloud Cover forecast on Sunday.

High pressure will be in control through the weekend and we may even see it help us out with the storm system on Monday. Temperatures top out near 40 degrees on Sunday but may be a bit warmer if we get more sunshine.

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Dry here this weekend with a winter storm across Texas. (WPC)

Our eyes turn to Monday as this storm system begins to approach us. The storm is currently sitting over the Rockies as of Saturday morning. It will affect Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi before turning to the north. Here is a look at the probability of 1in of snow through Monday.

The best chances remains to our south and east. High pressure sitting overhead is going to feed a lot of dry air on the northern side. It will be tough for precipitation to fall across our area as this low pressure weakens.

The best chances for a mix of rain and snow stay across Tennessee and far Eastern Kentucky As always, we will be watching closely in case of any changes to the forecast.

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