Yet Another Cloudy, but Dry, Day

Happy Wednesday, everybody! So far, we’ve had a rather dreary week, don’t you think? We hope you haven’t ran out of shows to binge just yet, as this trend will be the norm up until the weekend.

Where is the sun?! (GIPHY)

Dreary Trend Continues

Today, a high pressure system stationed over the state of Kentucky will once again influence our forecast for the day. In comparison to yesterday, we will have a higher amount of cloud coverage, so don’t expect much sunlight. On the bright side, don’t expect precipitation chances, either!

Predicted surface map for today at noon (Weather Prediction Center)

In short, it’ll be cold the entirety of the day. In the morning, temperatures will linger in the lower 30’s and by the afternoon, they may surpass the 40 degree mark, but at most stay in the lower 40’s. That seasonal, light breeze will be present, only making it feel cooler than it actually is.

Projected temperatures for today from 8am to noon (Pivotal Weather)

Brief Disturbance Tomorrow

Tomorrow, a low pressure system is anticipated to swing across the southern region of the country, reintroducing chances for precipitation for us. Fortunately, these will be slight, as showers of both rain and snow look to pop up in the evening. Don’t worry, though, as these will be brief!

Projected precipitation type for tomorrow evening into Friday afternoon (Pivotal Weather)

As of now, these showers aren’t expected to produce much precipitation at all. For most of WABBLES, we may only have trace amounts, whereas the southern counties of our community may reach 0.1 inches. As always, be careful when on your way back from work!

Predicted precipitation totals for tomorrow (Weather Prediction Center)

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