Winter Arrives with Above Average Temperatures

Happy First Day of winter, everyone! We’ve made it to the shortest day of the year. On the plus side, days only get longer from here! Although it may officially be the start of winter, winter arrives with above average temperatures. However, don’t expect it to last long.

Winter Arrives with Above Average Temperatures
It’s the winter solstice! (Giphy)

First Day Forecast

Winter has officially arrived, but today it really won’t feel like it! Sunny skies and plentiful sunshine will help temperatures warm up into the mid-50’s, which is almost 10° above average!

Winter Arrives with Above Average Temperatures
Temperatures today are expected to be above average across much of the country. Here, we will be about 10° above average. (Pivotal Weather)

However, we can also expect some windy conditions today, with gusts upwards of around 30 mph. Secure any loose Christmas decorations this morning so they don’t blow away!

As we approach sunset, don’t forget about the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction! Jupiter and Saturn will be the closest they’ve been in hundreds of years! About 45 minutes after sunset, look towards the southwest near the horizon. The two planets will appear to be one bright body in the night sky.

Winter Arrives with Above Average Temperatures
A representation of what the night sky should look like tonight with the great conjunction. (MSN/Space)

Tonight should remain clear, so seeing this spectacle should be no problem! Temperatures will fall overnight into the low 30’s.

Remaining Dry Up to Christmas Eve

Heading into Tuesday, a dry cold front is expected to move through, which will drop our temperatures slightly. However, skies should remain clear as a high pressure follows quickly behind it.

Winter Arrives with Above Average Temperatures
Despite a cold front moving through, we can expect sunny skies on Tuesday. (WPC)

Temperatures will drop to about 50°, which is still slightly warmer than average. Along with sunny skies, it should be another enjoyable day! Wednesday also looks to remain dry, but we can expect more clouds to filter in as the next system approaches.

White Christmas Eve?

Wednesday night is when the real action begins. The approaching cold front will at first bring some rain, but as temperatures drop to near freezing, we could see some rain transition to snow.

One model thinks we will see just a dusting of snowfall through Christmas Day, but this can very likely shift as we get closer to Thursday. (Pivotal Weather)

This colder air will remain with us into Thursday, meaning we could see some snow flurries throughout the day. Accumulation chances are looking slim, but there’s a chance for a light dusting on Christmas Eve! Check back here for updates as we get closer to Wednesday.

That finishes today’s forecast. Thanks for reading! Follow our live weather feed @wxornotBG, as well as on Facebook, for all your weather updates. Have a great Monday!