Last Precipitation Chances for the Work Week

Good morning to you, fellow readers! We will once more see precipitation chances in our forecast, but they’ll only be around for the first half of the day. Thereupon, the trend of dry weather will carry on until the weekend.

My thoughts on today’s forecast…(GIPHY)

Wet Start, Dry Finish

Today, a low pressure system will continue its northeastern path through the Midwest. Therefore, precipitation chances will carry on from last night into the early hours of this morning. If you’re out and about, be cautious of slippery roads!

An outlook for surface conditions for today at noon (Weather Prediction Center)

In all, showers will be widespread, though some mixed sprinkles may be possible. These are only expected to stick around up until lunchtime. As of now, precipitation totals may vary from 0.2 to 0.5 inches across the community of WABBLES.

Projected total QPF for today (Pivotal Weather)

In all, there won’t be much variation in temperatures. We’ll see them start out in the upper 30’s in the morning and steadily increase to the lower 40’s. However, by night, they will decrease substantially, reaching freezing level by midnight.

Projected temperatures for today from 7pm to midnight (Pivotal Weather)

What’s to Come

Tomorrow, that system of low pressure will be long gone, taking with it those pesky precipitation chances. For the rest of the work week, expect fair weather and increasing temperatures. Moreover, decreasing cloud coverage.

Projected cloud coverage for the entirety of tomorrow (Pivotal Weather)

That’ll do it for today, everyone! We hope that you have a wonderful day today! Don’t forget to follow us on our other platforms at @wxornotBG!