Chilly Tuesday Ahead

Good morning, everyone! Boy, did yesterday’s flakes put me in the Christmas spirit and ready for the holiday season. If you aren’t a fan of the snow, do not worry because we have dry, chilly Tuesday ahead.

Freezing GIF
It’ll be cold out there today! (

Hazards This Morning

Roadway surfaces are well below freezing so there is the possibility of seeing some slick spots out there this morning. Be mindful of the morning commute and of possible traffic holdups as you head out to work.

Chill in the Air

The first taste of winter yesterday will leave behind it a frigid bite to the air. The cold front that passed through will also cause breezy conditions to stick around today. With all of this being said, if you’ve already been outside this morning, the air would have felt like it was in the teens.

Wind chills across the state currently (KYmesonet)

In fact, even though the high will climb to about 40 degrees, the wind chill will struggle to hit 30. Expect sustained winds to be anywhere from 10-13 mph throughout the day. So, bundle up!

Distinct boundary of cooler wind chills in most of Kentucky compared to out west.

Despite the chilly conditions, we will see mostly sunny skies today with not a drop of precipitation in sight. The overnight low will drop down to an unseasonably cold 22 degrees.

Slight Warmup for Mid-Late Week

As we head into Wednesday, we will once again see sunny conditions but this time with the high increasing by about 10 degrees reaching a high of 50 degrees.

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Reaction to warmer temperatures! (

Wednesday night clouds will be on the increase and this will hold true for Thursday as well as we welcome in our next chance for rain. The afternoon high will only be 45 so it will be a cool rain!

That’s all for today’s post. Thanks for reading and be sure to follow our live weather feed on twitter, @wxornotBG and on Facebook and Instagram. Have a great rest of the week!