Gloomy and Rainy Day Ahead

Good morning, friends! Yesterday was dark and mostly cloudy, something we haven’t seen a lot of around here this season. Yesterday’s conditions serve as a hint of what we will be seeing today. In store for your Sunday is a gloomy and rainy day ahead.

Central Park Birdie GIF by Apple TV

Breaking it Down

As a result of a low pressure system moving up the western border of Kentucky, it is pushing a cold front along which is what is bringing us wet weather today.

We will see the rain arrive this morning and last until around 4 pm or so. Showers will be mainly light to moderate throughout the day putting our totals around a quarter of an inch. Our winds play a factor as well with gusts as high as 25 mph. After the rain, moves out, we will stay under clouds.

The HRRR clearly shows the movement of the low and the rain passing through. (Pivotal Weather)

Despite the dreariness, we will still reach a high of about 61 degrees and a low of a 34 overnight. Conditions overnight will remain mostly cloudy.

Chillier Monday

Behind the cold front will move in a bit cooler air. Our high for Monday will struggle to reach the mid 50’s. However, also behind the cold front will be a high pressure that will bring us dry, sunny conditions at least until Tuesday night into Wednesday.

High pressure sits right over Kentucky (wpc)

An early peak into Thanksgiving Day: Mostly sunny with a high in the upper 50’s!

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