Rain Returns After Relatively Dry Stretch

Good Saturday morning, South Central Kentucky! Welcome to the weekend. I hope you had a great week! We’ve seen an abundance of sunshine over the past few weeks for sure, but be ready, because some changes are coming. Rain returns after a relatively dry stretch.

Rain Returns After Relatively Dry Stretch
Especially when it’s cloudy! (Giphy)

Dry, but Cloudy, Today

A cold front has set up overnight just to our north that is bringing some showers to our northern neighbors. What this means for us is that skies will be more overcast than what we have been seeing lately. Most of the showers will stay to our north, but those clouds will stretch south.

Rain Returns After Relatively Dry Stretch
We trade plentiful sunshine for plentiful clouds today, but most of the rain remains to our north. (Pivotal Weather)

Cloud cover will also keep our temperatures slightly cooler, with highs reaching the mid 60’s today. However, this is still a few degrees above average.

Those clouds look to stick with us into the overnight hours as the cold front starts to shift our way. Lows will drop into the chilly low 50’s.

Dreary Sunday

As we head into the latter half of the weekend, we can expect some pretty dreary conditions. A progressive low pressure center will swing through and help move that cold front along, but not without some rain!

Rain Returns After Relatively Dry Stretch
A cold front will swing through Sunday bringing a round of rain with it. (Pivotal Weather)

Right now, totals are looking to add up to around half an inch, which will be a good drenching rain after the dry spell we had. Winds could also get a little gusty as the line moves through, with gusts possible up to 20 mph.

Temperatures Sunday remain mild in the low 60’s, but cooler air is forecasted to move in afterwards. Lows Sunday night look to drop into the mid 30’s, while highs on Monday only reach the low 50’s.

That finishes today’s forecast. Thanks for reading! Follow our live weather feed @wxornotBG, as well as on Facebook, for all your weather updates. Enjoy your weekend!