Trend of Sunshine and Above Average Temperatures Peaks

Greetings, South Central Kentucky! To say the least, today’s forecast will be similar to that of yesterday’s. In other words, those of you that have been loving the weather lately will love today’s post just as much.

Us, because of today’s forecast…(Giphy)

More Sunshine on the Way

Today, we will see high pressure once more dominate both the Midwest and New England. For us, that means not much of a change in forecast in comparison to what we’ve seen so far this week. Think: lots of sunshine paired with temperatures that are higher than normal!

Projected surface map for today at noon (Weather Prediction Center)

This morning, temperatures will start out below freezing, so make sure to layer up in clothing before you head out for work or class. By the afternoon, temperatures will beak in the upper 50’s, and decline to the upper 30’s by sundown.

Early morning recorded temperatures (Kentucky Mesonet at WKU)

Fortunately, there will be plenty of sunshine throughout the entirety of the day to offer relief from the seasonal breeze that will be present. However, we do recommend wearing gear that will protect you from the crisp winds — such as a hat, scarf, or even gloves. Stay warm, WABBLES!

The Aftermath of Iota

Normally, our team tends to focus on the projected routes of tropical cyclones in relation to our forecasts. However, because Iota was stationed too far away to have any local impact on us, let’s check out what we (fortunately) missed out on.

Yesterday, Iota made landfall as a category four storm in Nicaragua, merely miles from where Eta was only two weeks ago. Below are a couple of photos that show the catastrophic flooding that this country saw.

(Los Angeles Times)

Moreover, here’s a video from the Hurricane Hunters that shows the eye of the storm that I thought was worth sharing. Check it out!

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