Trend of Calmness Calls for Another Ideal Seasonal Day

Good morning to you, and welcome back to our page! We don’t want to sound like a broken record here, but there isn’t much going on in the atmosphere to report on. So, in summary, expect another ideal seasonal day!

You, after reading today’s forecast (Giphy)

Humidity More Noticeable Today

Today, we will not see much of a change from what we’ve seen so far this week, thanks to the lack of disturbances in our atmosphere for our area. We can thank the high pressure system in the southern region of our country for this, as it continues to dominate our forecast.

Projected surface analysis for today at 1pm (Weather Prediction Center)

As you may have noticed from the surface map (pictured above), there is a cold front extending across most of the country. This frontal boundary will be passing through from the north in the evening, but won’t bring much to the table other than a stickier end to the day. By no means will this humidity be oppressive, but it will be more noticeable.

Projected dew points for today from 4-8pm (Pivotal Weather)

Moreover, today will offer sunny skies paired with a light, southwest wind. We will see temperatures reach the lower 80’s and drop to the lower 60’s. Get outdoors and enjoy it while you can!

Update on the Tropics

Let’s take a look at the tropics, as it is far more eventful than what’s going on in WABBLES! Right now, Delta is making her way into the Gulf of Mexico as a major hurricane (category three). Look at her now!

(National Hurricane Center)

As of now, the National Hurricane Center predicts that this tropical cyclone will make landfall Friday afternoon on the coast of Louisiana as a category three. For us, this means that we will see a change in forecast as soon as Friday evening. Therefore, shower chances will start then and carry on into the weekend.

(National Hurricane Center)

That’s all for today! We hope you can spend some time outdoors today! For more, follow us on our other social platforms (Twitter / Facebook / Instagram).