Below Average Temperatures as September Closes

Good morning, folks! Rounds of rain yesterday will be the last of any precipitation we see until at least this coming weekend. With that being said, WABBLES will see below average temperatures as September closes in a couple of days.

Its Fall GIF by Team Coco
Fall does indeed rule. Especially when a forecast like the one below is in store. (

Deep Trough Influences Our Weather

As a cold front moved through about midday yesterday, the area is now entrapped by a deep trough extending all the way down into the Gulf and encompassing almost all of the eastern US.

Look at how deep! (Pivotal Weather)

This trough is what will keep temperatures below average. On top of this, there is little to no moisture profile so we will enter into a dry streak.

You’re probably wondering what exactly the weather specifics of today entails, so keeping reading to find out.

Juicy air to the southeast, but comfortable air in our neck of the woods. (COD)

Today’s Details

Today, you will likely see an abundance of fog in these early morning hours. This will be burnt off the more that the sun is exposed. Advancing through the day, expect partly cloudy skies and temperatures to only top out in the mid 60s.

On this day last year, it was a whopping 97 degrees. That’s more than a 30 degree temperature difference! I remember that never ending heat wave, it was quite miserable and lasted all the way through the first couple of weeks of October. I don’t know about you, but I’m more than ecstatic to see fall-like weather early this year.

2019 temperature data. Highs in red…wow. (US Climate Date)

Tonight we stay clear and dry as the low dips to a chilly 46 degrees.

Similar Forecast for Mid/Late Week

Heading into Wednesday and into the final days of the work week, the story is all too familiar. We’ll remain mostly sunny making for some nice days to visit the pumpkin patch or sit on the front porch while drinking apple cider.

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Going to the pumpkin patch like. (

The only changing variable will be the temperature. By Friday our high will have fallen all way down to about 60 degrees. Commence breaking out the sweaters.

Well, that wraps up today’s post! Thanks for reading and be sure to follow our live weather feed on twitter, @wxnornotBG, and on facebook. Have a fantastic rest of the week.