Pleasant Conditions Before Tropical Storm Sally

Good morning, folks of South-Central Kentucky! We started out the week on a great note weather-wise yesterday and that will carry over into today’s forecast as well. We will see pleasant conditions before tropical storm Sally brings an impact or two.

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High Pressure Brings Comfortable Air

Off to the northeast currently is a large area of high pressure centered over New York. As it circulates in a clockwise manner, this causes cool, continental air to be pulled from Canada and filtered into Kentucky. This is why the air felt so nice yesterday and is why it will once more today.

Lots of high pressure squeezing KY. (wpc)

The high pressure will keep our high temperature down in the low 80s. We will also see another day of sunny skies making for a quiet day with winds out of the east.

The overnight low will reach a mild 65 degrees and the tables will begin to turn as clouds build in.

Sally’s Impact on WABBLES

On Wednesday, Tropical Storm Sally will have made landfall and is expected to stay well to the south of our state’s southern border (wow, that was a tongue twister). However, this doesn’t mean we won’t see a shower here and there throughout the day on Wednesday.

Satellite image of Tropical Storm Sally (NOAA)

If nothing else, it’ll be mostly cloudy, but I’m thinking we’ll see a small measurable amount of rain due to the moisture being funneled up into the region.

Other than that, don’t expect any major impacts as rainfall totals should stay below an inch. Temperatures will climb to 80 degrees and bottom out at 66.

On Thursday, the chance for showers and maybe a storm lingers, but otherwise, it will be partly sunny with temps around 80.

Looking ahead, the forecast suggests we enter a pattern of consistent sun and temperatures staying in the 70s. I can smell fall, it’s so close!

Cool outlook ahead. (Pivotal Weather)

Well that does it for today’s post. Thanks for reading. Be sure to follow our live weather feed, @wxornotBG, for all your weather updates and also on facebook. Have a splendid rest of your week!

Weather 9/15/20

Comfortable weather remains in place today; pop up storm chances enter the mix late Wednesday into Thursday.

Posted by Landon Hampton on Tuesday, September 15, 2020