Slight Break From the Gloominess

Good morning, South-Central Kentucky! I hope your week is off to a great start. Today begins September which means we are 2/3 of the way done with 2020 (phew). Fortunately, we catch a slight break from the gloominess of late as we celebrate this feat.

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Aren’t you excited we’ve made it this far? (

Stubborn Stationary Boundary

Off to our west, over Missouri specifically, is a slow-moving stationary boundary that has been/will be responsible for keeping the dreary weather around (more on this below). A low pressure associated with it is pushing moisture our direction and is the culprit of the rain showers and few storms we will see throughout the middle portion of this week.

Stationary boundary over Missouri with low pressure below it ushering in moisture. (wpc)

However, today tells a bit of a different story. As you trek through the day, expect to see more sunshine than not. The high will climb to a reasonable beginning of September temperature of 85 degrees. The dew point should come as no surprise of bringing muggy conditions as it itself should reach the mid 70s.

Very muggy air covering the southeastern portion of the country. (COD)

However, don’t think you are off the hook completely of seeing no rain today. I do think that parts of WABLLES, especially folks in Simpson County, could see a passing shower or two around late afternoon through sundown. No need to fret though. If anything, they will be up and out of here.

Showers pass late in the day. (Pivotal Weather)

Overnight, we should stay dry under a blanket of clouds. The low will reach about 70 degrees.

Gloominess Returns

Wednesday and Thursday present very similar forecasts. We will see more clouds than sun on both days. There will likely be a few rounds of passing showers and rumbles of thunder as well. By no means will it be a washout either day. The atmosphere will just be a little annoying in deciding if it wants to rain, be cloudy, or be sunny. We’ll get all three each day with temps remaining in the mid 80s.

Friday is showing out to be the best day of the week with dominate sunshine and pleasant temperatures in the 70s. Wow!

Climate Prediction Center indicating a cool trend of below average temperatures for the next 6-10 days. (Pivotal Weather)

That’s a wrap on today. I hope you enjoyed the read. Be sure to follow our live weather feed on twitter, @wxornotBG, for all things WABBLES weather. Have a great rest of the week!

Weather 9/1/20

Strong storms possible this afternoon; will lead to a very active pattern with localized flooding concerns.

Posted by Landon Hampton on Tuesday, September 1, 2020