Hot and Dry Spell Continues

Hey all you weather fanatics! Welcome back to the blog and happy Tuesday. If you have kids that complained, or you yourself complained, due to the heat and mugginess yesterday brought, you’re in for a treat. Just kidding, the hot and dry spell continues into today’s forecast.

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Me tricking you into thinking it wasn’t going to be hot again. (

Side note, the dew point is creating some dense fog in areas of WABBLES this morning so be cautious during your morning commute.

Why the Heat?

Early August brought us pleasant temperatures making late August feel like a sauna. This has a lot of people asking: why the heat? A couple of slow moving high pressures to our eat and west, one currently in Missouri, have been to blame the past couple of days for the heat.

Surface map shows high pressure to the west of us bringing heat and sun. (wpc)

Specifically the high pressure in Missouri will bring us more of the heat and lots of sun for today. The high temperature will chase 90 but the heat index shows it’ll actually feel like 95. To add to this, dew point temps will keep things feeling a bit muggy. *I apologize for everything I typed in this paragraph.*

Scorching heat indices across western KY. (Pivotal Weather)

Overnight, conditions will stay clear and the temperature will drop to a whopping 70 degrees for the low.

Not Much Changes on Wednesday

Wednesday is looking to be our last dry and hot day of this spell. Again, temps will soar, breaking 90, along with the dew point and heat index. Make sure to seek shaded areas when outdoors!

Approaching the evening hours is the earliest time we could see some slight changes. Tropical Storm Laura is tracking in our direction and WABBLES will get the remnants of her. As early as Wednesday night, we could see a few spotty showers which would representative of the outskirts of the storm.

Reflectivity showing the possibility of rain Wednesday evening. (Pivotal Weather)

Thursday + Laura

The forecast for Thursday is a bit tricky. There is model uncertainty in regards to whether or not we will see widespread rain showers put off by Laura or whether or not these showers stall out to our west.

Track of Tropical Storm Laura. (NOAA)

Either way, weather from the tropics is always ever-so-changing, so tune back in soon for more updates. Temperatures will be a bit cooler Thursday with the storm drawing nearer.

That’s all for today! Thanks for reading and be sure to follow our live weather feed on twitter for updates on Laura, @wxornotBG. Stay cool!

Weather 8/25/20

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Posted by Landon Hampton on Tuesday, August 25, 2020