High Pressure Keeps Us Hot and Dry

Welcome back, everyone, to Monday’s post! I hope you had a great weekend. Summer conditions return as we start the new work week (and school week for some!), as a high pressure keeps up hot and dry.

High Pressure Keeps Us Hot and Dry
What it feels like to walk outside on a hot summer day…(Giphy)

Beautiful, but Hot, Day Today

As we close out August, our temperatures will be here to remind us summer is still in full swing! Highs today look to climb into the upper 80’s, which is right at average for late August.

A high pressure in Arkansas will be partially responsible for the increase in temperatures. Under its influence, we will also stay dry and sunny today. It might be Monday, but at least it’s a beautiful one!

High Pressure Keeps Us Hot and Dry
Showers stay to our east thanks to a dominating high pressure in Arkansas! (WPC)

Clear skies look to last into the overnight hours as temperatures drop into the upper 60’s. Due to some pretty high dew points, we could see some fog development in the morning hours. Be careful when driving!

Heat Indices Get Uncomfortable

It pains me to write this. The combination of hot daytime temps and muggy dew points will lead to some pretty scalding heat indices!

Tuesday will feature another sunny day with highs near 90°. With dew points in the low 70’s, the “feels like” temperature will be closer to the mid 90’s.

High Pressure Keeps Us Hot and Dry
Heat indices Tuesday and Wednesday get pretty toasty! (Pivotal Weather)

Wednesday will present a similar situation with mostly sunny skies and hot daytime temps in the upper 80’s. Again, the heat indices will feel more like the upper 90’s, so make sure to take shade breaks if you’re outdoors!

Potential Impacts from T.S. Laura?

Right now, both Tropical Storm Marco and Tropical Storm Laura are still churning over water, but later this week, we could see Laura head this way.

This is the forecasted path for T.S. Laura. We can see that the remnants will approach our area come Thursday night. (NHC)

However, this is still a ways away, so a lot could change forecast-wise. Right now, models are showing the most rain falling Thursday night. Stay tuned for any forecast changes that might come!

That finishes today’s forecast. Thanks for reading! Follow our live weather feed @wxornotBG, as well as on Facebook, for all your weather updates. Stay cool this week!


We start off the new week dry and sunny after a wet weekend. Taking a look at how the tropics are shaping up and how it could affect our weather.

Posted by Landon Hampton on Monday, August 24, 2020