Low Pressure Brings Rain and Storm Chances

Happy Tuesday, everyone. Yesterday, conditions here around WABBLES were peachy keen and made for a beautiful Monday as a slight breeze brought us a relief from the afternoon high temperature. As we continue to see high temperatures fall, today will tell a different story as a low pressure brings rain and storm chances.

Small, Pesky Low Pressure System

I don’t think anyone could have asked for better weather this past weekend. This streak looks to continue, aside from today, with the addition of cooler temperatures. However, before we jump into this dreamy forecast for mid-week, let me address what you can expect today.

This morning, a small low pressure system will begin to move through our neck of the woods. This will spark the chance for some communities to see a few rain showers or storms anywhere from late afternoon to late evening.

Surface map shows the low passing through Kentucky this morning. (wpc)

In terms of numbers, models are predicting about a half inch of rain to fall in Warren County and the surrounding areas by nightfall. These showers/storms will be hit or miss so sky conditions will otherwise be partly cloudy.

The NAM showing Warren County to get about 0.6 inches of rain by tonight (Pivotal Weather)

The high today will reach about 86 degrees. However, the air will feel a bit lighter than in days past because our dew point will stay relatively low. The dew point should stay in the lows 60s making the air feel slightly drier.

Dew points will stay in the low 60s according to the HRRR. (Pivotal Weather)

The overnight low will drop down to about 62 and the showers should be out of the region by midnight bringing about partly cloudy conditions.

Low Moves Out, High Moves In

The low that brought us rain yesterday will be off to the East of us on Wednesday. Behind it is an area of high pressure that will build in and will bring us pristine weather. The clockwise rotation of the high will filter in cool air from the north.

High pressure off to the west looks to move into Kentucky (wpc)

Wednesday, our high will reach a mild 82 degrees for this time of the year again accompanied once more by cool dew points. This on top of mostly sunny skies will make for a beautiful day!

The low temperatures and sunny skies will last until about Friday when our next rain chances come in the afternoon.

That’s about it for today’s post! Thanks for reading! Be sure to follow our live weather feed, @wxornotBG, for all your live weather updates. Have a great rest of the week.

Weather 8/18/20

Scattered showers & storms will join a passing cold front today; much nicer weather follows Wednesday.

Posted by Landon Hampton on Tuesday, August 18, 2020