Wet Conditions Return to WABBLES

Hello everyone! Welcome to Monday. Glad you could stop by this morning! With the return of summer, heat, and the humidity, that also means the return of the pop-up afternoon thunderstorms. Wet conditions return to WABBLES as things become more active.

The weather, trying to explain what it’s doing this week! (Giphy)

Hot and Humid Today

Monday will kick our week off in a very typical summer fashion: hot and humid. We’ll start off the day under mostly cloudy skies, but that will soon transition to mostly sunny skies. This will help ramp our high temperatures into the upper 80’s.

Wet Conditions Return to WABBLES
Clear skies later in the day will help temperatures become hot today! (Pivotal Weather)

With dew points also back in the mid 70’s, heat indices could reach as high as 100°. Make sure to seek shade if you’re outdoors! By the time this afternoon rolls around, we could see some thunderstorms pop up from the daytime heating.

These thunderstorms will definitely help cool things off as we head into the evening hours, and lows tonight will bottom out in the low 70’s as things start to dry off.

Cold Front Causes Trouble

A cold front approaching from the northwest will help those wet conditions return to WABBLES. This will help make conditions conducive for rain and thunderstorm development.

Tuesday will feature more cloudy conditions as thunderstorms become a little more widespread than just pop-ups. However, temperatures don’t look to cool down any less, as highs are forecasted to reach almost 90°.

Wet Conditions Return to WABBLES
A cold front will approach from the northwest and bring some wetter weather to the region. (WPC)

Conditions on Wednesday will look similar as we get some cold front action that could bring some showers to the area. Total rainfall amounts from Monday to Wednesday are forecasted to only reach about half an inch, but some storms could produce a little more.

Wet Conditions Return to WABBLES
This estimated rainfall map shows not a ton of rain for Bowling Green and the surrounding area, only about 0.5″. (Pivotal Weather)

Typical Summer Conditions Continue

As we look towards Thursday and Friday, weather conditions look to hang out around average for August. The daily dose of afternoon thundershower will accompany near average temperatures, which is about 90°.

That finishes today’s forecast. Thanks for reading! Follow our live weather feed @wxornotBG, as well as on Facebook, for all your weather updates. Have a great start to your week!

w 8/10/20

An active pattern will see localized flooding concerns this week as numerous disturbances interact with a very warm, soupy air mass.

Posted by Landon Hampton on Monday, August 10, 2020