Stationary Front Brings About Surge in Precipitation

Good morning, everyone! We appreciate you checking in on today’s post! Today, we’ll see those sporadic showers stick around for most of the day. However, the transition into tomorrow marks the start of prominent amounts of precipitation.


A New Weather Pattern

Today, a stationary front has formed and plans to linger over the entire state of Kentucky. From this, we will have a change in the consistent forecast we’ve seen over the past week or so. More specifically, we’ll have considerable cloud coverage paired with sporadic showers throughout the day.

(Weather Prediction Center)

For the most part, this definitely is a new weather pattern. However, not everything from the trend we’ve seen so far this week will be left behind. For instance, we’ll continue to have that constant humidity paired with the temperature reaching, but not exceeding, the 90 degree mark.

Fortunately, the heat index will stay below the triple digits for the most part. We will, however, see the UV Index reach dangerously high levels today. So while it may not feel that hot out, exposure to the sun’s rays still poses to be a health risk if you plan to spend any time outdoors. If you do, remember: water, sunblock, and light-fitted clothing!

Today, we will have a UV Index of 10 (Environmental Protection Agency)

Be Prepared for Excessive Rain

As the stationary front stays within the confinement of our state, so will the showers. Because of this, there will be a surge in precipitation chances and amounts for the following weekdays. Although the showers that we will see throughout the day lack in severity, the amount of rainfall anticipated proves to be a threat.

For tomorrow, we are under a slight (10-20%) risk of excessive rainfall
(Weather Prediction Center)

In other words, scattered flash floods across our area will be possible. We will keep you updated on if the National Weather Service issues any flash flood watches or warnings. For now, keep in mind that urban areas, roads, and streams will be most vulnerable during this period of time, so beware of these.

For tomorrow alone, predicted rainfall amounts vary from 1-1.5″ for WABBLES
(Weather Prediction Center)

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wx 7/29/20

One final day of hot, sultry conditions before a cooler pattern arrives with likely shower & storm chances.

Posted by Landon Hampton on Wednesday, July 29, 2020

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