Scorching Summer Weather Persists

Good Monday morning, everyone! Welcome to a new week. We were lucky to have nice weather for the 4th of July weekend. In fact, that pattern looks to stick around for a while. Scorching summer weather persists through this week.

Scorching Summer Weather Persists
Pam giving us the forecast for the week! (Giphy)

Zonal Pattern Keeps Things Repetitive

Let’s take a look at the larger picture. Right now, there really isn’t a defined jet stream, meaning the upper atmosphere isn’t “moving” much. We call this pattern zonal flow, meaning upper winds are generally from the same direction.

Scorching Summer Weather Persists
GFS model showing the 300mb level of the atmosphere. The wind barbs are generally facing west, showing a zonal pattern. (Pivotal Weather)

What does this mean for us? Well, since the upper atmosphere isn’t changing much, our weather won’t change much either. It’s the upper air flow that drives the high and low pressures here at the surface.

With that being said, expect some repetitive weather this week!

Heat Indices Soar

Bringing it back closer to home, today we can expect another day of scorching temperatures. Highs today will climb into the low 90’s, but heat indices could climb to around 95°!

Forecasted high temperatures for today reaching around 90°. The dark spots are cooler temperatures from predicted pop-up storms! (Pivotal Weather)

The sun will also make an appearance under mostly sunny skies. However, come the afternoon, the high dew points will make pop-up storms a possibility. On the bright side, these showers will help cool things off!

The same conditions look to follow on Tuesday as mostly sunny skies could give way to some afternoon pop-ups. Highs look to climb to around 90°, with it feeling more like the upper 90’s thanks to oppressive dew points.

Drier Conditions Ahead?

Skipping ahead a few days to this weekend, the Climate Prediction Center shows that our precipitation may be below average for this time next week.

The CPC is predicting around a 50% chance of seeing below average precipitation this weekend and the beginning of next week. (Pivotal Weather/CPC)

If you think about it, so far this summer (and really this year), we’ve always had plenty of rain it seems like. No drought-like conditions. Could this be our first taste of hot, dry weather? We’ll have to wait and see!

That finishes today’s forecast. Thanks for reading! Follow our live weather feed @wxornotBG, as well as on Facebook, for all your weather updates. Stay cool!

wx 7/6/20

Scorching heat & humidity lay the foundation for scattered, strong storm chances for much of the week.

Posted by Landon Hampton on Monday, July 6, 2020