Last Weekday of Fair Weather

Good morning, everyone! Welcome back to wxornotBG. Today is another great day to spend outdoors! Live it up, as fair conditions will be no more as we move into the upcoming weekdays.

How you’ll feel today… (Giphy)

Beware of High Temperatures

Like yesterday, temperatures will start in the low 70’s and spike to the 90’s closer to mid-afternoon. However, the mostly sunny skies and calm winds of today will be paired with high amounts of moisture in the air, bringing about sticky conditions.

Temperatures will quickly rise to the 90’s, as shown by the HRRR model (Pivotal Weather)

If you spend any time outdoors, be sure to take breaks to avoid any heat-related illnesses, as suggested by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). For more information on extreme heat by this organization, click here.

As opposed to the fair conditions of today, we can’t rule out the possibility of a pop-up storm or shower in the evening. This leads into tomorrow’s higher chance of storms.

Storms Tomorrow and Friday

For the remaining weekdays, we will be under a marginal risk of severe weather as a cold front sweeps southward over the eastern part of the country. From this, there will be scattered storms that have the potential to become severe. These storms can produce gusty winds, leaving wind damage to structures as a main concern. Other threats include lightning and heavy downpours, with the possibility of about a quarter of an inch of rainfall.

(Storm Prediction Center)

Weekend Outlook

On Saturday, there is a 30% chance of storms. By the evening, the cold front that brought us the active weather pattern will move out of the area. Behind it, a high pressure system will enter the Midwest, resuming the fair, comfortable weather we had earlier this week for Sunday.

(Weather Prediction Center)

That’ll do it for today! Thank you for reading! For more information, follow us at @wxornotBG on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Have a great Wednesday!

wx 6/3/20

The heat & humidity really crank up under sunny skies today; numerous shower & storm chances follow.

Posted by Landon Hampton on Wednesday, June 3, 2020