Toasty Temperatures Grip WABBLES

Hey there, everyone! Good Tuesday to you. Yesterday we welcomed June, the “official start to hurricane season” ,with pleasant conditions and comfy temperatures. Starting today, toasty temperatures grip WABBLES.

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Hurricane Season is Upon Us

June 1st marked the beginning of hurricane season and things are already beginning to fire up. While hurricanes typically do not bring devastation to the region, it’s good to be informed. A tropical depression is brewing in the Gulf Coast and is looking to upgrade to a tropical storm. This is already the 3rd depression of the year!

Shane Holinde sums up the story.

The forecast for the season looks to be above average. How fitting for 2020. For more info on the predicted season, visit

Temperature Jump

Most will wake up to a bit of cloud cover this morning, but we should see those clouds move out by lunchtime making for a nice day.. The high-pressure system we have been stuck under will move to the southeast ushering in southerly flow to the region causing temperatures to rise.

High-pressure moves southeast (WPC)

We’ll see a temperature jump of about 10 degrees from yesterday topping out near 90 degrees!

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Mugginess Makes its Return

Dew points rise on Wednesday making it feel quite muggy in the region once again. At least we got a week break of comfy conditions! The high will be similar to Tuesday but it will likely feel stickier because of the mugginess. We’ll stay dry while temperatures drop to 68 degrees overnight.

Pivotal Weather

Wrapping Up the Work Week

We remain hot and muggy on Thursday and Friday. With these conditions, we run the risk of pop-up storms. Oh the joy.

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