Flipping the Pattern Switch for the Holiday Weekend

We’ve spent much of the past week under the influence of an upper-level low pressure system that has kept temperatures below average and rain showers ever-present across WABBLES. But the good news is that we’re finally getting it out of there as we’ll be flipping the pattern switch for the holiday weekend.

Warming Back Up for Friday

Our aforementioned upper level low will have spent much of the overnight hours moving on out of the area.

This morning's surface chart. (WPC)
This morning’s surface chart. (WPC)

But, just because we’re ridding ourselves of the pesky disturbance doesn’t mean we’re finish with the wet weather as a more summer-like regime moves in as we inch closer to the unofficial start of Summer. And that means continued afternoon storm chances.

Scattered afternoon storms...Oh it's been awhile. (Pivotal Weather)
Scattered afternoon storms…Oh it’s been awhile. (Pivotal Weather)

We’ve got enough moisture left over that it won’t take much more than some daytime heating to kick off a few afternoon showers and thunderstorms. I don’t think coverage will be as widespread today as later days, but they will be around nonetheless as we touch the 80° mark this afternoon.

Average highs return. (Pivotal Weather)
Average highs return. (Pivotal Weather)

Any thunderstorm could produce a quick wind gust or a few hailstones…even some localized flooding if they manage to sit over town for a little while. But they should start to diminish as we lose the daytime heating and we fall back to a low near 65°.

Another Summer-like Day Saturday

It will be yet another day of warmer, humid conditions with scattered thunderstorms as the summer pattern really takes hold across the region.

We'll also accept "sticky." (Sign with Robert/Giphy)
We’ll also accept “sticky.” (Sign with Robert/Giphy)

Our weather is still in this transitional period in between major storm systems, so we won’t have much to trigger storms outside of the everyday heat of the afternoon.

Here we go again. (WPC)
Here we go again. (WPC)

Those afternoon temperatures (and the afternoon humidity) will get a boost, thanks to that warm front. That’ll keep the winds out of the southwest, bringing gulf moisture and warmer weather back to the picture. Highs end up near 85°.

I didn't say these would be widespread either. (Pivotal Weather)
I didn’t say these would be widespread either. (Pivotal Weather)

Same rules apply, most storms in the afternoon, can’t rule out an isolated severe threat, and they should start to fade as we lose the sunlight. Some showers may linger into the overnight as we fall to a low around (yuck) 70°.

More of the Same Sunday and Memorial Day

As we head into the middle and latter portion of the Memorial Day weekend, we’ll be close to what we call a “persistence” forecast as there won’t be a major triggering mechanism to produce afternoon showers and thunderstorms, it’ll just be more of the pop-up hit or miss types.

The sweet smell of summer. (Pivotal Weather)
The sweet smell of summer. (Pivotal Weather)

It’s important to stress that none of the days this weekend will see all-day rain, you just have to keep an eye on the old radar if you’re working (or playing, or relaxing) in the yard or doing a bit of Memorial Day grilling. Of course, when thunder roars, get indoors.

Trust me, the consequences of grilling outside during a thunderstorm are much greater than soaked hamburgers or hot dogs. (Simpsons World/Giphy)
Trust me, the consequences of grilling outside during a thunderstorm are much greater than soaked hamburgers or hot dogs. (Simpsons World/Giphy)

Highs will definitely feel summer-like once again as we’ll be able to reach close to those upper 80s both Sunday and Monday, settling about 87°. And again, a couple of storms could be strong. The storms will try to fade out after sunset, but a couple stragglers aren’t out of the question. Lows fall to about 70° both nights.

Into the Short Week

To keep it brief, the pattern keeps on keeping on with daily chances for scattered afternoon showers and thunderstorms as highs settle close to the humid upper 80s. Truly a summer-like forecast for the final week of May.

One More Thing…

After three and a half wonderful years with wxornotBG, this is my 269th and final post here. Last Friday, I graduated from Western Kentucky University with my meteorology degree and am excited to join the workforce as a TV meteorologist out east in Hazard, KY.

(MLB Advanced Media)
(MLB Advanced Media)

It has been my pleasure to serve the fine folks of WABBLES since September of 2016 and I cannot thank Landon Hampton enough for taking a shot on me way back when I was just a sophomore. I also cannot thank the readers enough, your continued trust in wxornotBG is what makes everything here possible. No worries though, because even though I (and our other seniors) are gone, you’re still in great hands.


(MLB Advanced Media)

For the last time…that just about does it for me! Follow our live weather feed @wxornotbg for the latest updates on this weekend’s rain and storm threats. Have a terrific Friday and stay safe!