Easter Weekend Starts Chilly and Ends Soggy

It was a cool Thursday for much of WABBLES after Wednesday night’s cold front ushered in well below average temperatures for the region. Fortunately, it also ushered in beautiful sunny skies. There are definitely more of both on the way before rain moves back into the picture to finish off the weekend. That’s right, Easter weekend starts chilly and ends soggy.

Cool and Dry Under High Pressure

Winds from the northwest helped us bring those temperatures down from Wednesday’s 80s to yesterday’s 50s and, thanks to high pressure, we’ve got more cool temps ahead.

The big blue H, still our pal. (WPC)
The big blue H, still our pal. (WPC)

That high will keep conditions breezy out of the northwest once again with gusts upwards of 20 MPH or so. It also means that we’ll keep the cool weather around with highs not expected to get much above 55°.

That's good for 10-15° below average for the date. (Pivotal Weather)
That’s good for 10-15° below average for the date. (Pivotal Weather)

The good news, though, is that we’ll see bright sunshine once again as our atmosphere will be high and dry. May need to grab the windbreaker or long sleeve t-shirt before any afternoon yard work or walk around the neighborhood…but if that’s our only complaint then I’ll take it.

You...but maybe if you were on the porch. (Giphy)
You…but maybe if you were on the porch. (Giphy)

Winds look to calm down heading into the overnight and combine that with clear skies and we could be looking at some frost issues as lows fall back to around 35°. In fact, the entire WABBLES area has been placed into a Frost Advisory for tonight. So make sure you keep an eye on the vegetation if you’ve already planted this season.

Another Beauty Saturday

More sunshine is on the way as we begin the weekend proper as high pressure remains in control.

More of the same. (WPC)
More of the same. (WPC)

The only difference though, is that the high pressure will be to our east during the day, switching our winds to the south, bringing in warmer, slightly more moist air from the Gulf of Mexico.

Well, warmer but not quite golf weather…not that we’d want you hitting the links anyway. (SpongeBob SquarePants/Giphy)

Sunny skies continue, though they will be dotted with a few fair weather, heat-of-the-afternoon clouds as things look to warm up closer to about 65°. Another great day for yard work or walking…and you can even leave the windbreaker on the hanger! Things start to change, though, heading into Sunday.

One thing that's constant during spring is change. (KhyatiTrehan/Giphy)
One thing that’s constant during spring is change. (KhyatiTrehan/Giphy)

A strong low pressure system will be moving across the southern plains and as it draws closer, we’ll see the increase in clouds overnight and even the chance for a couple showers. Lows fall back to about 50°.

Soggy Easter Sunday

The aforementioned storm system will track close enough to us that we could see some stronger storms, but leave the greatest severe weather chances to the south.

WABBLES area in a Slight Risk (2/5). parts of Mississippi and Alabama in a Moderate Risk (4/5). (SPC)

Nevertheless, those (responsibly socially distant) Easter egg hunts look to be a little soggy.

Soggy. Breezy. And not very fun. (Pivotal Weather)
Soggy. Breezy. And not very fun. (Pivotal Weather)

The NAM’s solution brings showers in early in the day before a more robust area of heavy rain and thunderstorms rolls in with a rather powerful low pressure system. Wouldn’t be surprised to see some gustier winds outside of thunderstorms either. Even so, we’ll make a run for 65° for a high.

What Easter's like when you can't go outside for several reasons. (Giphy)
What Easter’s like when you can’t go outside for several reasons. (Giphy)

Rain ends later in the nighttime hours as lows fall to about 45°.

Cooler Weather Sticks Around

Longer term models are that smaller disturbances look to pivot through the area during the first part of next week with some afternoon showers possible Tuesday and Wednesday. Otherwise, the big story is the cool temperatures.

Chilly…for April. (CPC/Pivotal Weather)

We’ve got a pretty good chance of staying below normal for much of next week as highs look to hover around 55° before slowly climbing back to near 60°.

That just about does it for me! Follow our live weather feed @wxornotbg for the latest updates on your soggy Easter Sunday. Have a terrific Friday and stay safe!