Nice Spring Weekend Ahead

After rainy conditions the last few weekends around the WABBLES area and a March that featured nearly double our average monthly rainfall…the first weekend in April is looking much, much better. For once, I can see we have a nice spring weekend ahead!

Fabulous Friday on the Way

Thursday was no slouch in the weather department, even if it was a touch on the cooler side. Those same mostly sunny skies continue into Friday as high pressure remains in control.

The map of spring legend. (WPC)
The map of spring legend. (WPC)

For us, this means that we’ll see those calm winds begin to shift out to the east and this will allow us to warm up slightly more than today as we’ll see temperatures flirt with 70° for highs.

That's a dang near perfect spring day! (Pivotal Weather)
That’s a dang near perfect spring day! (Pivotal Weather)

It will be a perfect afternoon to get those yard chores done, or simply take a walk around the neighborhood. Provided, again, you practice appropriate social distancing.

This, but imagine they're walking. (Giphy)
This, but imagine they’re walking. (Giphy)

Temperatures will slowly fall through the evening hours as the sun goes down and we settle back to about 48° as a few clouds roll in ahead of that big cold front you saw west of here on the morning chart.

Still Pretty Nice on Saturday

Tomorrow won’t be a carbon copy of today…but it will be pretty darn close…just with a few more clouds.

I've mentioned that big cold front, right?
I’ve mentioned that big cold front, right?

High pressure will begin shifting off to the northeast during the day and that cold front will draw closer. The catch is that the air around here is pretty dry and there’s not whole lot of moisture being returned from the south…so what we’ll see during the day tomorrow will mostly amount to just clouds. Won’t affect highs all that much, though.

Oh yes. This still meets with my approval. (Pivotal Weather)
Oh yes. This still meets with my approval. (Pivotal Weather)

Temperatures still top out near 70°, even as we see clouds increase towards the evening hours. Still a great day to open those windows and give the ol’ HVAC system a break. Overnight, we may just be able to saturate the atmosphere enough for a couple of showers…still falling to about 50°.

A Couple Showers Sunday

That cold front we’ve been talking about will really start to wash out as it moves over us early Sunday morning. The possibility is there for a few showers, especially during the morning hours.

Late Saturday night. The GFS still isn’t optimistic. (Pivotal Weather)

Either way, if we do see showers, they’ll likely be brief and light just because the air mass over us right now is quite moisture starved. There’s even a chance we only see clouds out of this, though those will likely persist throughout the day. Highs still stay near 70°.

My attitude toward how Sunday's forecast looks. (CBS All Access/Giphy)
My attitude toward how Sunday’s forecast looks. (CBS All Access/Giphy)

With the cloud cover in place (a theme which will become all too common into the new week), lows only fall to about 50°.

Pattern Looking to Change to Start the Week

Rain and storm chances look to re-enter the picture after our rather nice spring weekend. Several weather systems look to bring the clouds and rain back nearly every day. It likely won’t rain all day, but the chances will still be there.

Me too, Bobby. (Giphy)
Me too, Bobby. (Giphy)

The only piece of good news is that highs will be back firmly above average as temperatures to start the week near 75° slowly creep up towards 80° by midweek.

That just about does it for me! Follow our live weather feed @wxornotbg for the latest updates on thus gorgeous weekend ahead. Have a terrific Friday and stay safe!