Temperatures and Storm Chances Rise for the Weekend

Yesterday featured the first 80º reading (81º, as a matter of fact) in Bowling Green since October 11 (which itself feels like an early date, considering how long the upper 90s stuck around here). Despite clouds and rain chances hanging around, we’ll probably be flirting with 80º this afternoon as temperatures and storm chances rise for the weekend.

Another Warm One to Close the Week

Well into the warm air mass, we’ll keep above average temperatures in our forecast for the day today as we await the effects of a couple of weather systems moving our way.

Wibbly, wabbly stationary front. (WPC)
Wibbly, wabbly stationary front. (WPC)

A stationary front will be hanging out in the northern portions of the state as we wake up in the morning, and this front will kind of drift our way throughout the day, upping our cloud cover…and a chance for a few showers too.

Well, a few. (Pivotal Weather)
Well, a few. (Pivotal Weather)

I would say the most likely time frame to see any rain would be in the afternoon hours, so plan those afternoon #SocialDistancing walks accordingly tomorrow.

When you're on your walk, and someone comes closer than 6 feet away. (Giphy)
When you’re on your walk, and someone comes closer than 6 feet away. (Giphy)

Also, plan your non-rain gear appropriately as well, as we’ll be back near 80º once again.

Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm...Toasty. (Pivotal Weather)
Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm…Toasty. (Pivotal Weather)

Quite the pleasantly warm air mass for us, maybe even open those windows up early in the day to get some fresh air in the house. As cloud cover continues into the overnight hours, we’ll only fall to about 65º overnight.

Dry Early Saturday, Chance of Storms Late

Gonna be another warm one as we head into Saturday as we await, you guessed it, another cold front moving in.

'Tis the season, boy-o. (Stranger Things/Giphy)
‘Tis the season, boy-o. (Stranger Things/Giphy)

We’ll firmly be on the warmest side of this system yet again, as temperatures during the day warm back into the upper 70s, likely near 80º again as it looks like rain may hold off until later in the day.

And even this (4pm) may be a little early in the timeline. (Pivotal Weather)
And even this (4pm) may be a little early in the timeline. (Pivotal Weather)

We’re watching a stronger system move in from the west that will have the potential to spark some stronger storms across the midwest and again over the Mississippi Valley. In theory, these storms should form out there and move toward us in a weakened state later on Saturday night. Nonetheless, all of WABBLES was upgraded to a Slight Risk (2/5) of severe weather early this morning.

Saturday's SPC Outlook
Saturday’s SPC Outlook

Before they get here, it should be a breezy one regardless.

Sustained winds near 15-20mph, with gusts closer to 30mph. (Pivotal Weather)
Sustained winds near 15-20mph, with gusts closer to 30mph. (Pivotal Weather)

Some gusty southwest winds will keep our atmosphere on the warm side through the day…at least until the front comes through later at night, starting that slow drop closer to seasonal temperatures. Winds shift to a cooler westerly direction overnight as we drop to about 55º overnight.

Sunshine Returns Sunday

Despite rain chances on Friday and Saturday, Sunday looks like a tremendous day to get some of that yard work done as we return to a much drier and cooler airmass to close out the weekend. Oh, and the sunshine is back!

I will unashamedly applaud the outdoors. (Stranger Things/Giphy)
I will unashamedly applaud the outdoors. (Stranger Things/Giphy)

Clouds will be on their way out as a much cooler air mass works it’s way in for Sunday as highs will be within about 3 degrees of our average high for this time of year (64º).

Sunday highs looking mighty fine. (Pivotal Weather)
Sunday highs looking mighty fine. (Pivotal Weather)

Will be a great day for that walk, or even just opening the windows…throughout the day. Looks like just a gorgeous afternoon on Sunday. Continuing into Sunday night as only a few clouds look to stream in overnight with lows near about 45º.

Cooler Regime Takes Over for Next Week

We’ll look to flip back to the cooler side of things for next week after the 80s of this week. Clouds slowly increase on Monday, but we stay dry with highs near 65º…but rain looks to return for Tuesday and Wednesday as highs look to hover near 60º.

That just about does it for me! Follow our live weather feed @wxornotbg for the latest updates on those weekend rain chances. Have a terrific Friday and stay safe!