Mild & Quiet Weekend, Rain Returns Next Week

Good morning WABBLES! Clear skies and cold temperatures will greet you as wake this Saturday morning and a mild, quiet weekend is in store before our next system arrives Monday, and rain is on the way.


We’ve got high-pressure dominating the Ohio Valley right now and the dry, heavy air is resulting in quiet conditions. Temperatures are sitting in the mid 20s across the WABBLES area aas of 6am. With the high-pressure system sitting right over us expect clear, quiet weather to remain throughout the day with temps topping out around 50⁰F. Tonight, temperatures will fall to around 30⁰F with mostly clear conditions.

Influence of high-pressure is evident with quiet weather across the eastern CONUS. (WPC)
High-pressure shifts eastward today with warmer weather just on the horizon (COD Nexlab)


Temperatures will still be in the 30s as we wake up Sunday morning but the high-pressure system will slide toward the Appalachians and this will result in low-level wind shifting to a southerly direction, opening the door for welcome warming. The influence of an approaching system will be evident as breezy conditions take hold and we see wind gusts right around 20mph out of the South, further enhancing the warming. This wind shift coupled with mostly clear skies will allow for temperatures Sunday afternoon to climb into the low 60s! This is typical for this time of year, but when it’s below freezing when you wake up 60⁰ is certainly something that many folks appreciate. Clouds will start streaming in Sunday in advance of a frontal system and lows will be around 45⁰F. Did we say that rain is on the way?


As we kick off the work week things will change. The WABBLES region will be wedged in between high-pressure to our East and low-pressure to our West. The resulting pressure gradient will result in gusty winds throughout the day. Hold on to your umbrellas (more on that in a second) because gusts will approach 40mph.

The strong southerly wind will help temperatures climb all the way into the mid 60s Monday afternoon. However moisture will also be increasing and wind spread showers/thunderstorms are expected throughout the afternoon. The risk for strong storms is almost zero due to weak instability, but some thunder can’t be ruled out.

The rain will continue through Monday night and temps will remain mild, only falling into mid 50s.

Warmer temps spread across the Ohio Valley (COD Nexlab)
Expected rainfall totals Monday (WPC)


Model forecast for rain Monday night (COD Nexlab)

Waking up Tuesday morning you can expect cloudy, rainy conditions to be ongoing. Temperatures will again reach around 64⁰. By Tuesday night there may be a break in the rain but only temporarily because another system will be right on the heels of the previous one. Clouds will linger Tuesday night and temperatures will bottom out around 48⁰.

Rainfall should continue through midweek as well but there is still some uncertainty about where the heaviest rain will setup since this is still a decent way out. Either way expect wet conditions through much of next week, and possibly all the way into next weekend.

Expected 7 day rainfall totals (WPC)

Enjoy your weekend WABBLES!

Oh yeah, don’t forget the time change this weekend!