Showery Friday Leads Into Sunny Weekend

Thursday was a gorgeously sunny day around the WABBLES area, a sight for sore eyes after the gloomy first half of the week. Unfortunately, the gloomies will be back…but not too long as a showery Friday leads into a sunny weekend.

A Couple Showers to Close the Week

Clouds began filtering into the region yesterday evening as today’s quick-hitting disturbance drew closer to the area.

This morning's forecast surface chart. (WPC)
This morning’s forecast surface chart. (WPC)

There’s not a whole lot of moisture available to this system because we’ve been in a rather dry airmass. So, we’ll have to wait for the atmosphere to moisten up a bit before we see showers…and even then it won’t be much.

Waiting for there to be enough moisture for precipitation. (Giphy)
Waiting for there to be enough moisture for precipitation. (Giphy)

It will be cold enough for any precip early to fall as some flurries or some snow showers, but the good news is that road temperatures remain too warm for any major impacts on those highways and byways. But it’s also a good idea to practice some caution just in case.

HRRR's not wild about our chances. (Pivotal Weather)
HRRR’s not wild about our chances. (Pivotal Weather)

We should see a little bit of warming up during the day and any snow should switch to rain by mid-morning as temperatures will be on their way to a high near 48º.

Little evening shower action possible. (Pivotal Weather)
Little afternoon shower action. (Pivotal Weather)

Can’t rule out another shot of a few showers through the evening as this system gives it’s final hurrah. We’ll start to clear out overnight for a low near 25º.

Saturday Sunshine

We’ll spend our Saturday in between weather systems and for us that means sunshine returns!

When you look out the window and everything's bright. (Giphy)
When you look out the window and everything’s bright. (Giphy)

We’ll be behind the front, so it’s a cooler airmass…but the trade off is that all that sunshine should warm us up to about 48º. I will certainly take that after the weather of this week.

If you look up "last day of February" in the encyclopedia, this is what you'll find. (Pivotal Weather)
If you look up “last day of February” in the encyclopedia, this is what you’ll find. (Pivotal Weather)

Probably won’t be a bad sunset either as the first hints of clouds will work their way in ahead of the storm system that will make it’s presence felt Sunday. Said clouds shouldn’t make too much of a difference for our low, though, as we fall back to about 35º as southwesterly winds bring in slightly milder air.

Dry Start, Mild Finish for Sunday

That weather system I mentioned up there will be encroaching ever closer during the day on Sunday…but it will be dry as you’re heading to Sunday service. And then…it gets mild.

Yeah, this but the temperature. (MLB/Giphy)
Yeah, this but the temperature. (MLB/Giphy)

We’ll strengthen those gusts out of the southwest as the early sunshine will help contribute to a high ending up near 60º!

Boy, meteorological spring started quick! (Pivotal Weather)
Boy, meteorological spring started quick! (Pivotal Weather)

Winds could gust upwards of 20 MPH during the afternoon bringing in more atmospheric moisture ahead of another heavy rain maker to start next week. Showers may start approaching the region as early as Sunday evening.

Midnight Monday...showers approaching. (Pivotal Weather)
Midnight Monday…showers approaching. (Pivotal Weather)

With strong southwest flow and rain moving in, lows may not dip much below 55º.

Mild and Soggy for the New Week

Bowling Green is running a little above 3 inches above average for precipitation so far in 2020 which, while lower than the 7 inch surplus of this time last year, has still meant a waterlogged first two months of the year. Unfortunately, we have more rain on the way.

(NWS Louisville)

We’ll see a frontal boundary stall out in the region and multiple disturbances will ride along it to provide more chances for excessive rainfall for the first part of the week. Upwards of 3-4 inches of rain could fall by Wednesday and this could lead to river and street flooding. We’ll be watching this this weekend. The only good news is that highs will be well into the 60s through the week.

That just about does it for me! Follow our live weather feed @wxornotbg for the latest updates on those late weekend rain chances. Have a terrific Friday!