Quiet, but Cold and Clouds Will Persist

Good morning! Temperatures are in the mid-upper 30’s as we kick off our Saturday morning and this pattern we’re locked in is going to keep them in that range all day. The high for today will likely top out around 40°F under cloudy skies and that’s the deal going forward, clouds and cold persist. There is a chance for a few sprinkles and maybe even a few snowflakes during the late morning but the better dynamics will be North of the Ohio River and not much is expected across WABBLES. Clouds will hang around throughout the evening and we’ll see temps fall to around 30°F overnight.

Actually, the old “persistence forecast” method may actually be reasonable right now as the pattern in place with an upper-level low sliding off to our northeast and more subsident (sinking) air in its wake appears to have set us up for a copy-and-paste forecast for the next several days. There will be occasional precip chances come midweek, but generally we’re wedged in a persistent weather scenario.

Saturday Morning Temperatures. Cold Air Has Intruded into much of the CONUS (GMU/COLA/GrADS)


Recent Water Vapor Satellite Image Shows an Upper-Low Pivoting Across the Ohio Valley (NOAA/NESDIS)

Low-level wind will shift a bit more southwesterly for Sunday so high temps will be a little warmer than today, topping out in the mid 40’s, but otherwise it’s similar to Saturday with cool, quiet weather under lingering clouds. There is a chance that the WABBLES region gets clipped by the northern edge of rain showers across Tenneseee Sunday afternoon, but rainfall amounts would be less than about 0.1″, and there is quite a bit of dry air for the rain to struggle with before it could even reach the ground. Temperatures will drop to around 32°F overnight Sunday into Monday morning.

Next Week

Monday? You guessed it, a lot like Saturday and Sunday. Not anticipating much in terms of precip chances, but otherwise it’s about the same as Sunday. Highs in the mid 40s, overnight lows near 30, pesky clouds. Same old song and dance. It is Kentucky in January.

GFS Model Output Supports the Forecast of Lingering Cloud Cover into Next Week (GMU/COLA/GrADS)

Tuesday you ask? Just like Monday of course. Highs near 44°, lows near 30°, cloudy skies.

Actually, that’s what it looks like through next weekend with the exception of a few chances for showers late next week. The bottom line is that what it’s like outside today is what it’s going to be like for the next several days. Again, it’s January in the WABBLES area, clouds and cold persist this time of year. Enjoy your weekend folks!