Gloomy Weekend Ahead for WABBLES

Yet another weekend featuring overcast skies and rainy conditions. While most of the rain will be contained to the day on Friday, that doesn’t negate the fact that there’s another gloomy weekend ahead for WABBLES.

Rain, Rain Go Away

We’ll start Friday off the same way Thursday ended: rainy.

Should be used to low pressure around here by now. (WPC)
Should be used to low pressure around here by now. (WPC)

Rainfall will continue in waves through the morning hours as this low pressure system takes it’s time moving into the Great Lakes region. This means everything from sprinkles to bursts of moderate to heavy rain. It also means it won’t rain the whole time.

Here’s what the HRRR thinks. (Pivotal Weather)

The models are trending toward a solution with the heaviest rainfall coming early in the morning hours, with a lull through mid-morning. Then, there’s enough moisture left (thanks to southwesterly winds) and enough forcing present with the front to kick off a few showers from midday into the early afternoon…with things starting to calm down after that. This could mean a few areas get repeatedly hit with rain.

Here’s how much the HRRR thinks (as of last night) is yet to fall. (Pivotal Weather)

This could yield an additional 0.25-0.50 inches of rain throughout the area, bringing storm totals close to an inch. Otherwise, it will be a rather raw day, with highs only topping out near 45° or so…falling to around 35° overnight as we dry out a bit but keep clouds around.

More Overcast for Saturday

The cold front will have swept through the region by Saturday morning and this means cloudy skies…but temperatures not moving a whole bunch.

Yep, this looks familiar. (Pivotal Weather)

A much colder airmass, with winds coming from the west, will invade the region and stick around for Saturday considering the cloud cover around. This cold air could change any remaining rain showers over to a few flurries but I think that threat will be mainly confined to the northern half of the state. Just clouds for us.

A perfect day for a little sleeping in. (Giphy)

High temperatures will only top out around 40°, with those intermittent westerly breezes making it feel closer to 30-32° at times. Not a great outdoor day…and that continues overnight as lows fall to about 30°.

A Hint of Sun for Sunday

We’re mostly between systems as we look to put a capper on the weekend (and WKU winter break…welcome back everyone!) and that could mean a hint of sunshine. Just a touch…a soupçon if you will.

LOOKS LIKE A HINT TO ME! (Pivotal Weather)

This will also mean we’re a touch milder too, though that’s likely due to westerly winds calming down a bit instead of the sunshine. Nonetheless, I will take a high near 45°, especially after what we dealt with earlier this week.

This looks pretty okay to me. (Pivotal Weather)

Overnight lows look to dip to near 35° or so as clouds thicken back up.

Into the Last Week of January

Can’t believe I just typed that heading, but here we are. It will likely be a cloudy one as several week disturbances come our way for WKU’s first week back. Overcast will be with us as temperatures are near to slightly above normal in the 45-50° range. Farther range forecast is a bit muddy, but wouldn’t be surprised to see more rain head our way late next week.

That just about does it for me! Follow our live weather feed @wxornotbg for the latest updates on a soggy start to the weekend. Have a terrific Friday!