Winter Returns to WABBLES

We’ve got a windy WABBLES weekend on our hands folks! A wind advisory is in effect until this afternoon for 40+mph wind gusts and we’re already seeing gusts over 30mph. You’re going to need an umbrella if you’re out and about this Saturday morning and you’re going to need to hold on tight to it. At least the wind is out of the South (for now) and we’ll see temperatures top out in the low 50’s under rainy, cloudy conditions this afternoon.

Strong Wind Gusts

Wind gusts will be in the 40-50mph range through much of today as a cold front approaches and eventually passes this afternoon. In its wake a strong “pressure gradient” (area of rapidly changing air pressure) will still exist and wind gusts will remain in the 30-40mph range through Sunday evening before they finally taper off.

Wind gusts at 0600am CST (Kentucky Mesonet)

Saturday Rainfall

The cold front associated with the strong wind we’re experiencing is also producing widespread rainfall. The good news is that only about 0.25-0.5″ of rain is expected across the WABBLES region, the bad news is that it’s going to be a cold, wind-driven rain, which doesn’t make for the most comfortable Saturday. Some showers may linger behind the front but dry air will rapidly pour in behind the front and should eliminate remaining rain chances by this evening (4-5pm CST).

Precipitation (much of it frozen North of the Ohio River) extends all the way from Michigan to Texas. (NIU Meteorology)

Temps Freefall Saturday Night

Winter may seem like it’s been missing lately so if you’ve been wondering where it’s been we know where it’s at. It’s lurking behind our cold front and will be returning to us beginning Saturday night. Air temps will struggle to reach 20°F overnight Sat-Sun, and that’s with lingering clouds helping keep surface temperatures warmer. With wind gusts still up to 30-35mph wind chill values will be in the single digits! Although the wind will calm down Sunday night the cold temperatures will remain into next week, likely not reaching 30°F again until Tuesday-Wednesday.

Surface temperatures at 0600am CST (

So stay warm WABBLES, Winter is returning!