Quiet Weather for WABBLES

After a busy start to the week, conditions finally calmed down for the Ohio Valley yesterday. While there is a Flood Advisory in effect for Barren River in Bowling Green, we will continue to have quiet weather for WABBLES.

High Pressure

Thanks to this high pressure, sunny skies are back for the entire region. The high pressure will be moving from west to east through today and tomorrow.

High pressure moving across the Ohio Valley today. (Pivotal Weather)

Winds will mostly be out of the west today, but under 10 mph. Our high temperatures will be topping out around 37ºF, which is below normal. For mid December, the normal high in Bowling Green is 46ºF.

These below normal temperatures sure will give y’all some chills! (Giphy)

Clear skies will continue into the overnight hours, along with light and variable winds. Temperatures will drop down to a cool 22ºF. Cooler overnight temperatures occur during nights with clear skies.

Cooler temperatures on clear nights. (NWS)

Greenhouse warming is enhanced during nights when the sky is overcast. Heat energy from the earth can be trapped by clouds leading to warmer temperatures during cloudy nights.

More Sunshine for Thursday

High pressure will now be off to our east, so the winds will be mostly out of the south, but calm. Temperatures will also warm up to around 47ºF during the afternoon hours.

Thursday high temperatures (Pivotal Weather)

Skies will have a few clouds during the evening hours. Calm winds will accompany partly cloudy skies for the overnight. Temperatures will dip down to around 27ºF.

Clouds Increase for Friday

Clouds will be increasing for Friday, but we’ll still have some partly sunny skies. By the end of the week, we will be on the west side of the high pressure. This will cause return flow (south winds).

Return flow for Friday. (Pivotal Weather)

This return flow, or south winds, will help our temperatures climb to above normal temperatures. Expect our afternoon highs to reach 51ºF with winds under 10 mph.

Skies will be mostly cloudy for the nighttime hours. These cloudy skies will help keep our temperatures slightly warmer compared to Wednesday and Thursday night. Minimum temperatures will be 32ºF.

When the nighttime temperature and cloud cover graphic from above makes sense for a cloudy night forecast. (Giphy)

That wraps up today’s forecast. Hope you have a great Wednesday! Make sure to look for the Afternoon Video Update on Facebook and the Afternoon Weather Story on Twitter, only at @wxornotBG.