A Very Wet Start to the Week

Good morning South-Central Kentucky! We are officially 10 days out from Christmas, woohoo! If you plan on doing some holiday shopping within the next couple of days, I would recommend packing your rain gear because it is going to be a very wet start to the week.

To start your morning on this fine Sunday, skies will be partly cloudy, but the cloud coverage will increase along with moisture throughout the day as our next low pressure system moves into the region. That’s right folks, we have another rain-maker on our hands…and this one looks to be pretty big.

Many of our reactions when we hear more wet weather is on the way.

With the increased cloud cover, temperatures will only climb to about 47 degrees and precipitation chances will go up greatly after about 4pm today.


Rain, rain, and more rain is what we are expecting out of this system. It will begin this evening and continue through the night. Previous thoughts of a wintry mix are unlikely as temperatures will stay well above freezing with the low reaching about 41 degrees. Snow chances decrease to zero as you move south of the I-64 corridor.

Monday and Monday Night

The rain continues into Monday and it’s looking to be a very wet day for WABBLES. While it will be very mild with a high hitting near 58 degrees, we will accumulate throughout the day about 1-2 inches of rainwater. Yes, there will be very heavy rainfall at times. Localized flooding is a possibility and something to keep in mind. The SPC has the region highlighted as likely seeing thunderstorms as well. With this being said, thunderstorms can be expected anytime after 3 pm Monday.


The National Weather Service has issued the following statement for Monday:

"Moderate to occasionally heavy rainfall is expected across central
Kentucky, beginning before daybreak on Monday and continuing
through Monday evening in some locations. Widespread rain totals
of 1 to 2 inches are likely, with localized amounts exceeding 3
inches. The rain will be heavy enough at times to result in minor
flooding of low-lying and poorly-drained areas."
Rain totals appear to be just shy of 2 inches around 7pm Monday night for the Bowling Green area.
(Pivotal Weather)

The rain will continue into Monday night with the low temperature being right around the freezing mark. Taking this into consideration, there could be a few snow flakes mixed in with the rain. However, there should be no concern for accumulating snow as ground temperatures will be well above freezing.

Tuesday and Wednesday

The system is out of our neck of the woods by Tuesday morning.

Tuesday looks to be dry (finally) with a high near 40 degrees as cold air chases the moisture out of the region. Tuesday night we will drop down all the way to 23 degrees before hitting a high of 41 degrees accompanied by sunny skies on Wednesday.

Rain appears to be out of the region by 1 am Tuesday.
(Pivotal Weather)

I hope you enjoyed today’s post! Have a merry Sunday and for more details about the incoming system, follow @wxornotBG. Stay dry out there as you combat a very wet start to the week!