Active Weather Pattern for the Weekend

Good morning, everyone! Glad you could stop by on this busy holiday weekend. We’ve stayed pretty wet here recently, and that looks to continue with an active weather pattern for the weekend.

We have a lot happening this weekend. (Tenor)

Rain Lingers Today

After a fairly dry day yesterday, the rain moves back in today. Radar shows the rain creeping in early this morning, so we’ll start our Saturday wet. A strong low pressure system off to our northwest will keep the rain around today as it inches closer to our area.

A very mature mid-level cyclone keeping the weather active for lots of people. (WPC)

Minor flooding is possible in some low-lying areas due to consistent rainfall accumulation. Windy conditions, with gusts around 20 mph, are also possible. Additionally, temperatures will be mild today with highs near 60°. After the front passes, lows tonight will quickly cool into the mid 40’s as showers eventually end overnight.

Gusty Winds Help Dry Us Out

Almost as quickly as the storm system moved in, it will move out just as fast. We’ll have a nice change of scenery on Sunday as we start the day sunny. However, we can expect increasing clouds throughout the day thanks to some gusty winds from the west.

The cold front that moved through will leave behind some pretty gusty winds. (Pivotal Weather)

Winds will blow around 15 mph with gusts upward of 30 mph possible. Despite the clouds, we will end our weekend on a dry note. Temperatures remain chilly, though, with highs near 50°. We will cool even more throughout the day before ending up in the mid 30’s overnight.

Flurries Maybe?

The main system may have moved away from us Saturday night, but we could see a little bit of extra energy wrap back around early Monday morning. That, in combination with near-freezing morning temperatures, could produce some flurries in the early Monday morning hours.

The NAM shows the possibility of some snow Monday morning. How exciting! (Pivotal Weather)

However, this is just one weather model and things could change. Regardless, if we do see some snow, it will have minimal impacts. Temperatures will warm back above freezing to around the 40° mark during the day as we stay cloudy, but dry, to start the new work week.

A Quiet Rest of the Week

In contrast to the active weather pattern this weekend, next week will be much quieter. As a high pressure takes over, we will begin to dry out and see some sunshine. Our temperatures will also start to warm up as well, with highs potentially in the 50° range, which is near average. A beautiful start to the final month of 2019!

That finishes today’s forecast. Thanks for reading! Follow our live weather feed @wxornotBG, as well as on Facebook, for all your weather updates. Have a great rest of the weekend!