Storms Ahoy!

‘Tis been a swell day across WABBLES; fitting for receiving a typical “insert Kentucky weather related comment here” from a fellow neighbor.

Rain has overtaken much of the area as of mid afternoon, with strong storm chances on the way late tonight.

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Powerful Cold Front

A low pressure system is currently tracking northeast toward the Great Lakes, with an associated, powerful cold front advancing our way:

via College of Dupage

As the front continues to close in late tonight, rain chances will remain high, with thunderstorms also a possibility.

Two Rounds of Storms

Two separate “events” are expected to unfold between the hours of midnight and sunrise Wednesday.

Storm Timing Graphic via NWS Louisville

The first round is anticipated between 12a and 3a, with another round moving through between the hours of 5a and 7a. The image below is how the HRRR model thinks this will unfold:

via Pivotal Weather

Not necessarily ideal for the morning commute or the Thanksgiving travel agenda.

Strong Winds Primary Threat

We’ll have very strong winds just above our heads, and with the ingredients we have available, some of those winds may be realized here on the ground.

The latest guidance suggests the possibility of wind gusts exceeding 45-55 mph in some instances as the event unfolds.

Should we see this come to fruition, tree limbs, much less, trees themselves, could come down. This obviously could also lead to the potential for power outages.

#ProTip: Charge your phones now

Although unlikely, with the strong dynamics of this system, a secondary threat will be the possibility of an isolated tornado spin-up. As always, know where your safe space is, just in case.

Drier Wednesday, but Winds Continue

Sunshine should reappear in the forecast by lunchtime Wednesday, however, strong winds will remain present behind the cold front, leading to falling temperatures as the day wears on. We’ll be in the 40s by ~5p.

All of WABBLES will be under a Wind Advisory for the entirety of Wednesday. Tie down your Christmas lawn decor now, fellow WABBLERS.

We’ll be updating frequently, per usual, on the twitter feeds, y’all. Come join us for the party.

If you want a breakdown of what we’re thinking for Turkey Day, take a gander at our earlier post from forecaster Olivia Cahill.

Stay safe tonight.