Rounds of Cold Air Bring Winter Early

Welcome back, everyone! Glad you could stop by. It was a pleasant fall day yesterday, but big changes are coming. As we move into the midst of the fall season, rounds of cold air will seem to bring winter early.

Cold Canadian air be like…(Giphy)

Wet and Windy Thursday

If you remember back to Halloween, it was a pretty gross day. Well, we’ll see a similar day today. Our temperatures right now are around 50 degrees, but this is about the highest they’ll get today. A cold front will pass around noon today, bringing in some much colder air behind it, meaning temperatures will fall throughout the day. It will be about 45 degrees around 5 pm.

This cold front will bring in some pretty icy temperatures today. (Pivotal Weather)

This cold front is also bringing a decent amount of rain with it. The rain will move in this morning, but should move out by the mid-afternoon hours with rainfall totals staying under one inch. It will also be a little windy after the frontal passage, with winds blowing at about 17 mph. Temperatures will continue to drop and bottom out in the mid 20’s for overnight lows.

Coldest Air of the Season Friday Morning

Once the cold front moves out, a very strong high pressure from Canada will replace it. This will bring in those unseasonably cold temperatures just in time for the weekend. Friday morning will start in the mid 20’s, which is the lowest temperature we’ve seen this year since last winter, and only warm to about 40 degrees during the day. Brrr!

The high pressure is bringing air from Canada, which is why it’ll be so cold Friday. (WPC)

Winds will still be blowing from the north at about 12 mph, so we could see some pretty frigid wind chills. It could feel like the low 30’s for most of the day Friday. We will be sunny, however, so at least we’ll be dry. Temperatures Friday night will drop to the upper 20’s again.

A Brief Warm-Up

Our weekend weather will be dominated by the Canadian high that moved in Thursday night. This will keep rain chances low for both Saturday and Sunday with plenty of sunshine. We will also start to warm up closer to average for early November. Saturday highs look to reach the upper 40’s, while Sunday could get back to near 60. Fall is trying to stick around!

This is really how it is sometimes. (ImgFlip)

Second Round of Cold Air and…Snow?

Another cold front will come our way Monday night that will send our temperatures plummeting again. Right now, it isn’t looking like we’ll get a lot of precipitation out of this front, but there is a small chance we could see some snow Monday night. Yes, I said snow! If we see anything at all, it will be flurries at the most, but it’s still kind of exciting.

This forecast from the Weather Prediction Center gives us a 10% chance at seeing some snow Monday night. I’ll take it! (WPC)

We are still a little ways out and there’s a lot of uncertainty, so we will keep an eye out for what happens Monday night. Afterwards, another strong Canadian high will take over and keep us dry and cold for the foreseeable future.

That finishes today’s forecast. Thanks for reading! Follow our live weather feed @wxornotBG, as well as on Facebook, for all your weather updates. Stay warm!