Mild Weather Ahead of Strong Cold Front

A few sprinkles interrupted what was otherwise a dry, but cloudy afternoon for WKU homecoming festivities yesterday. We’ll sneak a few more rays of sunshine into your Sunday afternoon along with more warm temperatures. It’s another day of mild weather ahead of a strong cold front.

Partly Sunny Sunday

Before we break the sunshine back out, some of you may be experiencing a little bit of patchy fog if you’re heading out to early service this morning. Especially if you were one of the ones who ran into a shower yesterday.

This morning's forecast surface map. (WPC)
This morning’s forecast surface map. (WPC)

The remnants of (say it with me) Post-Tropical Cyclone Nestor will continue to scoot on off the coast of the mid-Atlantic as a weak high pressure builds in for us today. Southerly winds and sunshine will bring our highs back up around 75º or so this afternoon.

Never underestimate southerly winds. (Pivotal Weather)
Never underestimate southerly winds. (Pivotal Weather)

Overnight, clouds will be on the increase as we fall to only near 60º for a low as showers will begin to creep on back into the area ahead of Monday’s strong front.

Strong Storms Possible Monday

When you warm up this quickly this time of year, there’s usually some sort of price involved…and that usually means strong storms.

'Tis the (second) season. (Giphy)
‘Tis the (second) season. (Giphy)

A powerful fall storm system will be gathering strength and moving up through the upper midwest, with it’s trailing cold front working through our area during the afternoon and evening hours tomorrow. Because of this, we’re in a Marginal Risk (1/5) for severe weather tomorrow.

This system has a ton of upper-level winds associated with it but won’t have a ton of instability to work with. Nonetheless, we could see some damaging winds, some heavy rain (with the moisture we’ll have in the area), and we can never rule out an isolated spin-up tornado in these kinds of scenarios.

Haven't seen a line of storms 'round these parts in a hot minute. (Pivotal Weather)
Haven’t seen a line of storms ’round these parts in a hot minute. (Pivotal Weather)

Regardless of in or out of a thunderstorm, it’s going to be a breezy day. We’ll be up near 75º with stiff southwest winds of about 15-20 MPH, gusting up to 30 MPH at times. Once the front is through and storms are winding down winds will stay breezy, now out of the northwest, as we slowly clear and fall to around 49º.

Sunny, Cooler and Breezy Tuesday

The front will have long cleared the area by the time you get up and at ’em on your Tuesday morning and we’ll be clearing out…but staying cool.

Well, maybe not that cool. (Pivotal Weather)
Well, maybe not that cool. (Pivotal Weather)

Winds will stay brisk out of the west around 15 MPH, gust up near 30 MPH at times. Highs won’t be cold, but rather closer to seasonal, near about 65º. Overnight lows cool back down near 40º or so under mostly clear skies.

Mild and Sunny Through the Week

Things stay calm and sunny through midweek, as highs slowly make their way back up to near 70º by Thursday. Rain chances don’t re-enter the picture until perhaps, unfortunately, closer to next weekend.

That just about does it for me! Follow our live weather feed @wxornotbg for the latest updates on tomorrow’s strong storm potential. Have a terrific Sunday!