Brief Relief Friday Before Heat and Humidity Return

Happy Thursday morning, South Central Kentucky! Glad you could stop by. It’s been a serious summer scorcher here lately, but we’re going to see some changes in the near future. We have more comfortable conditions in store for Friday before the heat and humidity return.

We should be used to the humidity by now. (Giphy)

Rain Chances This Morning

We will start our Thursday with some developing showers thanks to the passage of a cold front, but they won’t stick around long and will move out by mid-morning. However, we could see some showers and storms redevelop this afternoon thanks to daytime heating. Highs will reach the upper 80’s today, but don’t be surprised if some places make it to 90 degrees.

The cold front will help push the precipitation out. (WPC)

All precipitation should move out by sunset leaving behind clearing skies and low temperatures near 70 degrees.

Cooler and Drier for Friday

Thanks to the passage of this cold front, winds will blow from the north, which will help bring drier dew point temperatures and make it feel less humid. Skies will remain clear as our high only gets to around 85 degrees. Along with dew points in the 60’s, the heat index should remain lower as well.

Friday temperatures will be cooler than what we’ve been seeing. (NAM)

Skies remain clear Friday night and lows will drop to about 70 degrees before it heats back up for the weekend.

Heat, Humidity, and Rain Return

Thanks to the high pressure that gave us a beautiful day Friday, the heat and humidity will start to build up again for Saturday and Sunday. With highs in the upper 80’s and muggy dew points returning, we get back to sweltering summer conditions. This means that afternoon pop-up storm chances return for our weekend.

This model run for Sunday shows the precipitation moving our way. (NAM)

Models are having issues with where the tropical system in the Gulf will go after it impacts Louisiana. Right now, it’s looking like we won’t see any impacts until Monday or Tuesday, but this is subject to change. We’ll keep you updated as we start the new week.

That finishes today’s forecast. Thanks for reading! Follow our live weather feed @wxornotBG, as well as on Facebook, for all your weather updates. Enjoy this beautiful weekend!