Showers, Strong Storms Then Cold Before Temperatures Rise for Easter

Strap yourself in for another wild ride called April weather. We are in for showers, strong storms then cold before temperatures rise for Easter.

via tenor
via tenor

Morning and Early Afternoon Showers and Warm, Gusty Winds

Morning and afternoon showers dropping sprinkles of rain like... (via tenor)
Showers dropping sprinkles of rain like… (via tenor)

With temperatures in the mid 70’s, today actually looks pretty good if you don’t mind the gusty winds and occasional showers dropping a few sprinkles of rain.

Late Afternoon/Evening Strong Storms

As a low pressure system tracks through our region this evening, a line of thunderstorms is likely to fire off along the cold front bringing us a good chance for flash flooding, gusty winds, and lightning.

SPC Severe Storm Outlook for this evening.
SPC Severe Storm Outlook for this evening. We are currently in a marginal (1/5) risk.

Fortunately, we look to stay north of the low which will limit our instability, a critical ingredient to forming severe storms.  That said, we will still be on the look-out for high winds associated with storms forming in the 5-9 pm time frame.

Simulated radar 5-9 pm (via pivotalwx)
Simulated radar 5-9 pm (via pivotalwx)

Also, grab that umbrella for any evening plans tonight as heavy rain is a virtual certainty.

Damp and Cold Tomorrow and Saturday

A drastic cold front will pass through overnight which will make tomorrow feel more like February than mid-April. Scattered showers are possible throughout the day while temperatures stay in the upper 40’s calling for a closet dive for your winter wardrobe.

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via tenor

Those Saturday morning showers will be a cold, cold rain too as temperatures drop into the 30’s with north winds blowing in Canadian air.

What is up with this upcoming cold snap? (via tenor)
Flurries tomorrow night? In April? (via tenor)

Morning showers on Saturday will clear off during the afternoon as temperatures recover to near 60 for a final chilly day.

Temperature Resurrection on Easter

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Temperatures on Sunday. (via tenor)

Easter Sunday will bring a return to spring with temperature in the mid 70’s under sunny skies and a warming trend that looks to continue into early next week.

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via tenor

Follow @wxornotBG on twitter and stay tuned for a mid-day update on this afternoon’s potential for severe storms. Have a great day!

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  1. Brr! Good Friday does sound a bit chilly! Thankful for the outlook for Sunday’s warmer weather! ☀️

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