Unsettled Weekend Leading to Big Cooldown

What a difference this week has been from the soggy week of last. We’ve had mostly calm and quiet conditions…until now. The showers yesterday turn into an unsettle weekend…leading to a big cooldown.

Stuck in the Middle with Friday

Storm system to the west of us, another storm system to the east…here we are: stuck in the middle with clouds.

This morning's surface chart. (WPC)
This morning’s surface chart. (WPC)

The storm system that forced yesterday’s showers has shifted to our south and east, leaving us with overcast skies to finish out the week.

As you wake up this morning. (NickSplat/Giphy)
As you wake up this morning. (NickSplat/Giphy)

We’ll still be cool thanks to our northerly winds behind yesterday’s system and the lack of sunshine. Highs should top out around 45º this afternoon and with clouds, only fall to around 35º or so tonight. A very dry, meh kind of day.

Showers Return Late Saturday

Saturday’s daylight hours will be remarkably similar to today’s…yet slightly warmer.

Again. (Simpson's World/Giphy)
Again. (Simpsons World/Giphy)

Our next system will be on it’s way in, and while we’ll stay dry during the day, we will still fell it’s effects in the form of milder temperatures. Things will be about 5º warmer during the afternoon, meaning highs around 50º.

Rain breaks out by early Sunday morning. (Pivotal Weather)
Rain breaks out by early Sunday morning. (Pivotal Weather)

Things begin to change Saturday night, with rain showers beginning to break out during the overnight hours. Temperatures should only fall to around 38º overnight…and then things get interesting.

Sunday Night Snow Chance?

Before we get to the juicy part, let’s focus on the day Sunday…


Rain is back…back again. The rain won’t necessarily be as heavy as what we saw last weekend, but it will be quite constant. Highs right around 45º before things take a tumble. A big tumble. Like, lows near 20º tumble.

Rather large tumble. (Pivotal Weather)
Rather large tumble. (Pivotal Weather)

The models have been waffling on the chance for a bit of snow late on Sunday night for most of the week now. As we approach Sunday…things are still a bit unclear.

Basically. (Giphy)
Basically. (Giphy)

It all depends on two things: low track and depth of cold air. Last evening’s NAM wanted to give us no snow. Notice the low moving over southwestern Virginia.

(Pivotal Weather)
(Pivotal Weather)

While the GFS said…maybe! Notice the low over South Carolina.

Well, that's a different solution. (Pivotal Weather)
Well, that’s a different solution. (Pivotal Weather)

Throwing what we can grab from the European into the mix…

Surface low over north Georgia... (Pivotal Weather)
Surface low over north Georgia… (Pivotal Weather)

I would say wintry weather is still a distinct possibility late on Sunday and early on Monday. Still need to nail some things down before we can talk totals, but be ready in case we see some wintry weather…you know, on the third/fourth day of meteorological spring.

March Coming in Like a Frozen Lion

Things get remarkably chilly as we start the first full week of March.

Yes, this is what the GFS is saying...for highs on Monday. (Pivotal Weather)
Yes, this is what the GFS is saying…for highs on Monday. (Pivotal Weather)

I just hope our flirtation with milder weather didn’t cause you to pack up the heavy coat and the long johns, because you’ll need them to start the week.

Look, it's Kentucky in March. (Giphy)
Look, it’s Kentucky in March. (Giphy)

Highs starting near 30º early in the week before rebounding to near 40 midweek under mostly sunny skies. Clear skies overnight lead to lows in the teens and 20s. Temperatures rebound to finish the week…with possibly more showers. Yuck.

That just about does it for me! Follow our live weather feed @wxornotbg for the latest on your weekend forecast. Have a terrific Friday!