Off and On Showers To Finish The Holiday Weekend

After an absolutely picture perfect Thanksgiving Day, we’ll keep the good weather rolling through at least the early hours of Black Friday, but a weather system approaching from the wet promises off and on showers to finish the holiday weekend.

Black Friday? More Like Bright Friday!

Paradoxically, Black Friday, at the moment, promises to be the brightest of the weekend days as we’ll see the beautiful weather of Thursday hang around into the afternoon. A great morning to head out for those doorbusters…provided you don’t get trampled.

6am...still dry. (WPC)
6am…still dry. (WPC)

Things will be changing throughout the day, however, as breezy conditions welcome in increasing cloud cover ahead of showers streaming in from the west. Best chance for the onset of rain looks to be sometime in the late afternoon hours.

NAM thinks mid-afternoon to evening. (Pivotal Weather)
NAM thinks mid-afternoon to evening. (Pivotal Weather)

At this point, it appears the bulk of showers will arrive during the evening hours and will stick with us through the overnight. Friday afternoon highs of right around 60º will only fall to around 47º or so with the rainfall and breezy southwesterly winds holding steady overnight.

Improving on Saturday

Friday night’s leftover showers should begin to wane through the morning hours on Saturday, setting up a fairly nice back half of the day.

My opinions summed up. (Starz/Giphy)
My opinions summed up. (Starz/Giphy)

Clouds will be on the decrease throughout the day as the aforementioned system exits the region and fairly nice conditions will be left in it’s wake. High temperatures will likely be around 61º as we re-introduce sunshine and keep the southwesterly breezes in place. Clearing out but staying breezy, we’ll only see a low around 45º.

Sunday…Similar to Friday

By Sunday you’ll be saying “it’s Deja Vu all over again” and you won’t be too far off as we’ll spend the day preparing for our next weathermaker to come in and provide us with a few showers…but not before a stout warmup.

You, before the rain arrives. (Giphy)
You, before the rain arrives. (Giphy)

Southwesterly breezes stay with us and push us to a high near 67º for Sunday afternoon! Unfortunately, clouds will be on the increase as will showers chances, especially towards the evening hours.

Haven't we seen enough of you? (Pivotal Weather)
Haven’t we seen enough of you? (Pivotal Weather)

Shower chances ramp up during the overnight as a front works through the region that will shut down the rain chances closer to daybreak and start a temperature free fall with lows bottoming out around 35º. Yep, late fall is back, y’all.

A Peek Ahead

The cold hand of old man winter will be back heading into next week as highs will struggle to make it out of the 40s through midweek. The good news is, things look dry for a few days and we shouldn’t have to deal with any wintry threats in the near-term. Just grab the heavier coat…you’re going to need it.

That just about does it for me! Follow our live weather feed @wxornotbg for the latest forecast and updates. Have a terrific Friday!