Halloween Tricks Dominate The Forecast

A beautiful Tuesday complete with sunshine and mid 70 temperatures is coming to a close, with all eyes now firmly locked on Halloween tricks that’ll dominate the forecast.

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Is It Going To Rain?

If we’ve received this question once, we’ve received it, give or take, ~1,000 times on our various platforms over the past week.  We’ve placed our focus on this upcoming weather system for the better part of 5-6 days now.

Guidance has been steadily bringing in an absolute gully washer for our region sometime between the Wednesday/Thursday time frame, and at the moment, I’m cautiously optimistic

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As early as yesterday, models were painting a soaker of a Halloween afternoon & evening.  However, last night and this morning, data has started to postpone the arrival of the all-out “frog strangler rain” by a few hours into later Wednesday night, which is good news for trick-or-treaters.

Here’s Your Play-by-Play

Cloud cover will be on the increase, along with southerly winds, as you rise out of bed Wednesday morning, and this trend will continue throughout the day.

This will be in response to a cold front approaching from the northwest, which will be interacting with growing moisture parameters streaming into our area out of the Gulf.  Exhibit A:

surface map valid Wednesday morning via earth.nullschool.net

At this point light, hit & miss showers appear to be possible during the afternoon and early evening, becoming more scattered in coverage as we move past peak trick-or-treat time…keep your fingers crossed that this comes to fruition.

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This will be followed by rounds of moderate to heavy showers & embedded storms Wednesday night through the entirety of Thursday.  This is illustrated by the latest NAM 3km model, valid from lunchtime Wednesday through Thursday evening:

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Copious rainfall amounts are anticipated over this 30-36 hour timeframe, with widespread readings of 2-4″ not out of the question.  Localized areas that see thunderstorms may even receive more.  That’s a lotta rain.  Here’s the latest from the National Weather Service:

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Because of this development, our entire coverage area has been placed under a Flood Watch Wednesday evening through Thursday.  Our latest infographic provides the details:

Be Smart

We’ll be closely monitoring this evolving weather system as we progress over the next few days.  As more data becomes available, followed by the eventual arrival of the system, our twitter feed will relay up-to-date info accordingly —-> @wxornotBG.

Any change in the speed of this system will alter it’s arrival time.  And, as we all know with weather, it does what it wants.

With that being said, the vast majority of you have some sort of radar app on your smartphone.  Use it to your advantage and monitor the unfolding conditions before venturing out to collect candies and treats…

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Clouds will linger to an extent as we get into Friday, with much cooler temperatures in store.  High temperatures will be lucky to breach the mid 50s, with more sunshine anticipated for the weekend to come.  Here’s your summary:

Be smart and stay safe through Halloween, fellow friends!