Weekend is Mostly Wet but Ends Dry

Clouds increase today; widespread showers/storms tonight thru Saturday. Details in this morning's Final Finish weather update.

Posted by Landon Hampton on Friday, March 23, 2018

We’ve had almost everything Mother Nature could throw at us in the Ohio Valley this week. From nearby severe weather, to rainy and wintry weather to a fantastic looking Thursday. Unfortunately… the weekend is mostly wet but ends dry.

Friday: The Day in Between

Today will be a transition day for us as we move from the brilliant sunshine of yesterday to a gloomy day to round out the workweek.

Basically. (Giphy)
Basically. (Giphy)

Today’s cloud cover is out ahead of a weather system that will provide us rain tonight and into tomorrow.

Rain, rain, go away. (Pivotal Weather)
Rain, rain, go away. (Pivotal Weather)

The NAM wants to move the rain in from the northwest in the evening and keep it with us in some form through tomorrow afternoon. With the cloud cover, we’ll only get to around 50º for a high today, as winds begin to shift to a more southerly direction. Socked in with clouds and rain tonight, we’ll only drop to about 45º.

Sogginess Continues Saturday

Rain will continue as you wake up tomorrow.

This gif is still relatable. (Giphy/Nat Geo)
This gif is still relatable. (Giphy/Nat Geo)

Winds will become breezy from the southwest during the day as scattered showers continue. While areas well to our north and east will be dealing with some cold and snow, we’ll be pulling highs near the 60º mark even under cloudy and rainy skies.

Models show it warmer, but don't show you a fundamental rule: never underestimate southwesterly flow. (Pivotal Weather)
Models show it warmer, but don’t show you a fundamental rule: never underestimate southwesterly winds. (Pivotal Weather)

Eventually, the surface low driving the shield of rain will begin to move away as we head into early Sunday morning. Winds will begin to shift back to the northwest and allow us to cool back to around the 40º mark as the rain begins to taper off.

Sunday Reset

Our weather on Sunday will be just eh…okay. Clouds will still be around but the rain spigot will shut off for a day and allow us to dry out for at least a little bit of time. Northwesterly winds will bring us highs in the mid-50s with the clouds sticking around to insulate us a little bit so it can’t be all bad.

I mean, could be worse? (Giphy)
I mean, could be worse? (Giphy)

Mostly cloudy skies will still dominate overnight as we head for another low near 40º.

A Peek Ahead

More rain will be possible as we start the work week with daily rain chances as disturbances continue to migrate into the region…at least temperatures begin to warm up!

That just about does it for me! Follow our live weather feed @wxornotbg for the latest. Have a terrific Friday!