Pretty Nice Weekend, Storms Possible Monday

Last Night’s Rain Chances Exit

Howdy folks, if you caught a shower last night, dodge the puddles today if you are getting out.  Look for today to be warm and mostly sunny, Sunday to be cooler and cloudier, and then our next weather maker to come Monday.  I would say this gives us a pretty nice weekend, storms possible Monday.

h/t  Great day for hitting the trails.

Becoming Mostly Sunny and Warm Today

h/t GFS 0z Cloud cover today 5 am to
h/t GFS ()z Cloud cover today

Temperatures will continue to rise from this morning’s 50’s to a high near 70 this afternoon behind light southwest winds.  Cloudy skies this morning will turn into mostly sunny skies by this afternoon.  For several days the models predicted showers but today beat the odds and will turn out to be awesome.  Some might even consider today to be an upset…

h/t It is sunny, warm, and my spring break?! Yes!
h/t It is sunny, warm, and my spring break?! Yes!

Cooler Tomorrow

A high pressure system will build in tomorrow changing our wind direction to the north and ushering in cooler air.  Sunday morning will be chilly starting in the upper 30’s.  The highs will reach the upper 50’s and skies will become cloudy as our next weather-maker (circled below in red) approaches from the west.

h/t GFS 12z Sunday 6 am
h/t GFS 12z Sunday 6 am  Cold air blowing in from the north, next system out west, not to bad a day though.

Storms Possible Monday

h/t This map shows "vertical vorticity," basically where updrafts and downdrafts are most possible.
h/t This map shows “vertical vorticity,” basically where updrafts and downdrafts are most possible for 7 pm Monday.  The GFS gives us a chance of storms (in bright blue).

Highs on Monday will reach the mid-60’s as a warm front from the approaching low pressure systems passes over our area Sunday night.  This places us in the warm sector of the system and at risk for severe weather.  Thunderstorms are possible Monday afternoon into evening before a powerful cold front sweeps through.

h/t When severe is mentioned in the forecast.
h/t When severe is mentioned in the forecast.

The instability needed to produce severe storms looks to be especially high south of our region in central Tennessee and Alabama and more marginal in our region.  This system is still a couple days away, so follow @wxornotbg for the latest updates.  Have a great day!