An Ice-Cold Welcome to 2018

Happy New Years Eve everyone! I hope everyone had a fantastic year in 2017 and are able to make the most out of 2018. If you have plans to celebrate this evening, pay close attention because there is plenty to cover in the forecast below¬†ūüĎá

Wind Chill Advisory

Courtesy NWS Louisville

This advisory officially begins tonight at 6pm and lasts through Tuesday, but we will be experiencing frigid temperatures all throughout today. Truthfully, we will be really lucky if we make it out of the teens as our high temperature is only expected to reach the upper teens and low twenties.


baby it's cold outside GIF by Brett Eldredge

New Years Eve

Heading into tonight, things only get colder and it couldn’t have worse timing. Our actual air temperatures will be in the low single digits while the feel like temperatures (once we factor in that ice cold northerly wind) will be in the¬†negatives.¬†We’re talking frostbite potential here folks, I’m not sure any sort of fashion statement is worth that.

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New Years Day

You say you like the cold? Great! New Years Day will feature some of the coldest temperatures we’ve seen since February… of 2015. High temperatures will not be expected to reach higher than the upper teens. If you are off work tomorrow, I’d highly recommend binge watching a new season of something awesome on Netflix (Black Mirror just premiered its newest season!) and getting cozy with hot chocolate. You won’t want to be outside, it will hurt.

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While we will see plenty of sunshine on Tuesday, it will not do much in the way of aiding in any type of warm up. This arctic high pressure will help keep us on a stretch of bitter cold through much of the next coming days. Bitter cold winds will help to filter cold air into the region, meaning our streak of below average temps look to continue.


An important reminder as well, if possible¬†please bring in outdoor pets. This cold weather can be dangerous for humans, let alone pets who’s bare toes hit the ground! Keep them warm through this stretch of chilly weather. Your furry friends will be thankful.

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