A Cold Turkey Day is in Store

Warmer today, much colder Wednesday into Thanksgiving

Posted by Landon Hampton on Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Relative Warm up Today

We’re starting out this stretch of days leading up to Thanksgiving in the upper 30s across the region. Our winds have shifted to the southwest, which is key to a nice warm up today.

Southwesterly flow has commenced, and should warm us up quite a bit today. h/t COD Weather

As a low pressure system moves eastward across southern Canada, it will drag a cold front southeastward. This will encounter a strong high pressure system, forcing a strong pressure gradient across the region.

The 3km NAM is indicating breezy winds this afternoon as temps warm up quite a bit. h/t COD Weather

You know what that means. Hold onto your hat this afternoon, because it is looking breezy again. We should see occasional gusts upwards of 20-25 mph. And because this is southwesterly flow, we should hit the lower 60s this afternoon, even under clouds!


Get Ready for Cold Turkey

Behind the cold front today, we are staring right into the face of quite the cold air mass. We are looking at temps 5-15°F below normal heading into Thanksgiving.

h/t giphy.com

That puts us in the mid 40s for highs the next couple of days, which make any outdoor activities really cold for Thanksgiving. My family always liked playing football outside on Thanksgiving; that will be nice and cold now.

All I can say: it is looking nice and cold on Thanksgiving day. This map is showing temperature departure from normal; the greens indicate we are well below normal. h/t wx.graphics

There will likely be some clouds as well on Thursday, but otherwise, the weather looks fantastic for any traveling you may be doing over the next several days!

Warmer Weekend; COLD Early Next Week

After the Wednesday-Thursday, we begin to warm up on Friday and Saturday ahead of the next cold front. We probably will jump into the upper 50s and lower 60s by Saturday afternoon ahead of another precipitation deprived front to move through.

h/t giphy.com
h/t giphy.com

Behind that front? Phew…that air mass is looking cold. Temps looking upwards of 15 or 16 degrees below normal at this time. Of course, there is a lot of time between now and then for this to change, but Sunday and Monday look to be cold again.

*Me to the atmosphere*
h/t giphy.com

Then, we probably are gonna warm up again and continue in this nice and roller coaster pattern we are in.

Quick Forecast

Today: ☀️->???? 60°F, Breezy

Wednesday: ???? 44°F

TURKEY: ⛅️->???? 47°F

For the latest real-time weather updates, be sure to check out @wxornotbg on Twitter! Have a very Happy Thanksgiving, folks! I hope your Turkey is wonderful, and that your family time is even better.