Making Your Weather Pizza


Yes, that is a picture of a heart shaped pizza. Why you may ask? Well, I love pizza. So why not eat a heart shaped pizza on Valentine’s Day (I hope that you did)!? It truly is an amazing thing to think about. My fiancée and I once ate one on Valentine’s Day, and two days later BG ended up with a foot of snow.

In addition to this, last Thursday (February 9th) was National Pizza day! That got me to thinking about weather, because, you know, weather and pizza are two amazing things. In a lot of ways, your favorite weather day can be compared to your favorite pizza. Throw in Mix A of different ingredients, and presto!


Weather requires various ingredients, so I figured I would offer you up the opportunity to create your favorite Weather Pizza!

The Basics

The Crust (General, basic weather conditions)

  • Pan = Sunny Skies
  • Thin Crust = Light Precipitation
  • Deep Dish = Heavy Precipitation/Thunderstorms

The Sauce (Temperature range)

  • Tomato = 33°F-80°F
  • White Sauce = <32°F
  • BBQ Sauce = >80°F

The Cheese (Cloud Cover)

  • American Cheese = No clouds
  • Mozzarella = Partly sunny
  • Italian = Mostly cloudy
  • Parmesan = Low clouds
  • Provolone (aka the best kind of cheese) = Cumulonimbus clouds


  • Lightning
  • Hail
  • Sleet
  • Snow
  • Raining-cats-and-dogs Rain
  • Graupel (this is basically the weather equivalent of anchovies)
  • High winds
  • Heavy Snow
  • Drizzle
  • A warm breeze
  • Southwesterly flow
  • Dust storm
  • Freezing Rain
  • Tornado (over an open field; no one wants one near a town/city)
  • Haze
  • Fog


I had some rules to this, but I just don’t think they’re necessary at this point. I think it would be really interesting to see a sunny sky, with temps above 80°F and snow falling during a dust storm. Though it makes absolutely no meteorological sense, this is yours! Do with it as you please.

I wish that I had one of those. h/t

My Choices

Mine would be a Deep Dish, with white sauce, Italian, Parmesan and Provolone Cheese (implying convective processes), and then I would have snow, high winds and fog going on. That would imply a nice three topping, three cheese weather pizza! My combination would create a blizzard with convective snowfall. What would your weather pizza look like!? Tweet your combinations to @wxornotBG on Twitter, and we can decide what the best weather Pizza would be.